SME's Corner

Didang’s Masareal, Tatak Mandaue!


Mandaue Investment Promotions Action Center (MIPAC) enjoins every Mandauehanons to conquer the present challenge by celebrating the crafts, products, services and anything that uniquely embodies the life and culture of our beloved Mandaue City.

Let “Tatak Mandaue” be a reminder and an inspiration of the beauty of what we can create for our family, our community, our city and our country.

Starting with a feature of the famous sweet delicacy shall set the mood.

Undeniably, Mandauehanons and/or Sugbuanons can proudly say that Mandaue’s Masareal is a must-buy in anyone’s pasalubong list. Deliciously made in Mandaue since 1912, Didang’s is the original masareal. It was started by Juliana “Didang” Perez Suico as a small business catering to her neighborhood without knowing that this sweet and soft candy will become part of our culture as Mandauehanons.

It is but proper that we launch our “Tatak Mandaue” with this delicacy that did not only conquer the taste of the world but most importantly also shown that Mandaue City is enticingly comforting and truly worthy of every bite!

Didang’s Masareal, Tatak Mandaue!