Family Business Network (FBN) Asia Expands to the Philippines By Families, For Families, Together Across Generations


Family Business Network (FBN) Asia ( “FBN Asia”) in a historic cooperative partnership with Premier Family Business Consulting, Inc. (“PFBC”) based in the Philippines, is set to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on August 7, this Friday. The MoA formalizes both parties’ cooperative partnership to mutually promote the advocacy for resilient business families in the light of the global pandemic.

Family Business Network Asia (FBN Asia) is a regional chapter of FBN International, a private not-for-profit organisation representing family businesses in 65 countries across 5 continents. FBN Asia offers opportunities for stakeholders of the family business to learn, communicate and share within the safe haven of its family business community.

Working in concert with institutions and experts in the family business and sustainability space on research and capacity development, the Network FBN Asia integrates old wisdom, learned skills and new knowledge in a practice context, to build a sustainable family business community.

The MOA signing between FBN Asia and Premier Family Business Consulting will have the following key agreements:

1. For FBN Asia to establish a Philippine Country Committee, comprising or family business members of FBN Asia from the Philippines; and

2. For Premier to support FBN Asia’s branding and recruitment of members in the Philippines from its own network of families in business;

3. For both parties to conduct events in the Philippines to share the knowledge, resources and network of FBN Asia to bonafide members in the country. The partnership intends to reach out to families in business in the Philippines to become part of the global knowledge and resource sharing network.

Family businesses are unique, as these firms are values driven, built on loyalty, compassion, and service to the community among others. Family businesses have also specific issues such as family dynamics, succession-related issues, governance which are not addressed specifically by any other organization. Having a community or network of families in business who understand these issues in the context of family, is now even more pronounced and evident as the world faces the global pandemic coupled with an economic crisis practically in the same scale. Now more than ever such a network of families in business become all the more relevant and critical.

The MOA signing will introduce key officers of FBN Asia and Premier to the Philippine family business community and members of the media via a virtual presser to be held on the same day, August 7, at 9:30am Philippine Standard Time and Singapore Standard Time.

For more information, please contact the Brand Management Team of Premier Family Business Consulting at +632 917 865 6762 or email: premier

About Family Business Network Asia

Family Business Network (FBN) Asia is a regional chapter of FBN International, a private, not-for-profit organization. Founded in 1989 in Lausanne, Switzerland, FBN International has become the world’s leading community of business-owning families, representing more than 16,000 individual members from more than 4,000 families in 65 countries across 5 continents.

Based in Singapore, FBN Asia covers Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The network offers a unique and safe space for its members to share best practices and ideas on how to grow, succeed and prosper in their family, business and personal spheres.

Led “By Families, For Families”, the regional chapter also addresses issues prevalent in Asian family businesses – particularly in the areas of business transition, family dynamics, leadership succession, strategic philanthropy and active citizenship. It thrives on the principles of trust, confidentiality, mutual respect and non-solicitation to facilitate intimate sharing and exchange of wisdom.

Our vision is to create a vibrant community of family businesses that serves as a model of success and longevity. Through research, capacity building and outreach programmes, we aim to bring progressive family businesses and thought leaders to create an environment of deep, shared learning to effect positive social change.

About Premier Family Business Consulting

Premier Family Business Consulting, Inc. is the only family business consulting firm in Southeast Asia that provides holistic services which integrate the family and business system through proprietary processes.

We champion family unity by placing it at the heart of all our processes because we believe that healthy and meaningful family relationships are the means to family business success across generations.

Creating a Legacy for Family Businesses for the last decade and beyond.