Cebu-based developer expands its portfolio with VCMC and USMC

AppleOne Properties, Inc., a leading real estate and hotel developer in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, through its healthcare arm AppleOne Medical Group (AMG), signed into a joint venture with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) to acquire majority shares of two hospitals, the Visayas Community Medical Center (VCMC) in Cebu City and the United Shalom Medical Center (USMC) in Tacloban City.

AMG took an inaugural step in June with the joint venture partnership for VCMC, signified as AppleOne Visayas Medical Corporation. USMC was acquired in July. By the two joint ventures, AMG is taking the helm in developing and expanding VCMC and USMC.

VCMC was founded by UCCP in 1952 as a response to the medical needs from World War II. Since then, the hospital has stood as a well-regarded institution in Cebu. With an alignment in values and social mission stemming from the joint venture, VCMC will stand as a testament to both institutions’ mutual goal of transforming and uplifting Filipino communities through quality healthcare made accessible.

Formerly Bethany Hospital, USMC was a distinguished healthcare establishment in Tacloban until it experienced the devastations brought about by typhoon Yolanda. The hospital remains limited in its medical functions, operating as a medical laboratory for the time being. Under the partnership with AMG, USMC will undergo an expansion of its services and modernization of facilities to become a premier health and wellness facility in the Tacloban area.

AppleOne Properties recognizes healthcare as an industry in need of support yet with tremendous opportunity for growth. AMG was incorporated early this year from the desire to strengthen competencies in the field of health and wellness, provide better access to quality healthcare, and deliver quality medical services with compassion to the communities.

AppleOne Properties President and CEO Ray Go Manigsaca emphasizes this timely venture, “With our strength and expertise in development, and a keen foresight into the market, strengthened with our agile and dynamic approach to all our businesses, we are wholly committed to strengthening the foundation of our healthcare industry with well-equipped and well-supported hospitals around the region.”

Bishop Ermegencio Padillo, Chairman of VCMC, has this to say about the partnership, “Both VCMC and AMG initiated the likings of a strong partnership, characterized with trust, confidence and high spirits. VCMC saw it fit to partner with a group or institution with high moral and social standing, and indeed AppleOne Medical Group was the right choice. With that, I am personally looking forward to growing this partnership in order to provide for the needs of the Filipino people as a whole.”

UCCP Chairman Keith Quebral also shares his thoughts about partnering with AMG, “The partnership shall enable VCMC to perform its mission in accordance with the highest standards of excellence in providing quality healthcare services to those in need. The UCCP views this partnership agreement as a shared healing ministry of the Church that advocates health for all and promotes access to proper medical care.”

AppleOne Properties has over a decade of expertise under its belt. It has developed landmarks of strength and iconic partnerships, along with multi-awarded projects that compete on a global stage. Its subsidiaries include AppleOne Mactan, Inc., the developer of the five-star Sheraton Cebu Mactan Resort, The Residences at Sheraton Cebu Mactan Resort, and Mahi by AppleOne Properties, Inc., as well as Brickwall Construction & Development, the operator of Apple Tree Resort & Hotel, Boardwalk City Residences, and CityMallDanao. Sunsky Development Corp. and AppleOne Equicom Tower also fall under the AppleOne Properties wing. Sunsky is the developer of Diamond Suites & Residences and a forthcoming local brand of hotels while AppleOne Equicom Tower is the first mixed-use development in the premier business district in the Visayas. Recently, it signed a franchise partnership agreement with the International Workplace Group, formerly Regus and the world’s largest provider of workspace solutions, to acquire two existing centers and develop eight more in six cities in the Visayas region.

AppleOne Properties stays true to its commitment to innovation by keeping a portfolio that is diverse and relevant.

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