RAFI MFI Partners with GCash for Cashless Transactions


RAFI Micro-finance, Inc. (RAFI MFI) proudly announces its partnership with GCash, an electronic cash platform that allows clients to transact online.

With the tie-up, the micro-entrepreneurs are now able to claim their loan disbursements, anywhere using their GCASH wallet linked to their smartphones. The GCash wallet can be topped up thru mobile banking, physical outlets, online bank transfers, BancNet ATMs, and prepaid loads. Clients will be provided with a GCash account and a personalized Mastercard account indicating where their claims will be deposited. Loan proceeds via GCash card can be withdrawn thru any BancNet ATM.

The online platform offers fast and easy access for loan proceeds disbursement, savings, and other claims, minimizing the need to personally visit and claim thru respective branches, banks, and other accredited payment center or channels.

The pandemic’s outbreak has undoubtedly prompted many businesses to shift to cashless and mobile payment to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. The partnership with GCash aims to pivot its way to the digital transformation, to sustain businesses in time of crisis and more importantly, to adapt to the new normal.

RAFI MFI Chief Operating Officer Jonar Dorado said: “Implementing high-tech solutions for our clients had been our long-term goal – to reach and provide service wherever they are. The essence of micro-finance is to bring banking to the underserved, making it more convenient and accessible for them.”

Dorado added that aside from the efficiency and secured services offered to its clients, GCash also opens a business opportunity to its clients through its available services. This channel urges the clients to stay safe, and shift to cashless transactions.


As the world continues to thrive and adapt to the new normal, RAFI MFI continues to uphold its mission of elevating lives of the people in the community by providing financial and non-financial services and to open business opportunities to every micro-entrepreneur rise above these challenging times.

“Our clients will always be our top priority. RAFI MFI will be there to guide them, and partner with them in their journey towards elevating lives. As we always say in RAFI MFI, Walang Iwanan!” Dorado concluded.