The Heritage of Filipino Cuisine

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With less than 250 days until we celebrate the quincentennial of the victory of Mactan, Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino released the country’s first virtual restaurant by a hotel through their gastronomical storybook: Heritage.

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Chef Tristan Encarnacion – Waterfront Mactan

“Heritage is Waterfront Mactan’s retelling of the stories of the Filipinos through food showcasing the different techniques, specialties and recipes of the different and diverse regions of the Philippines,” said Executive Chef Tristan Encarnacion. Just like any other story books, Heritage shares the different stories through multiple chapters, highlighting different facets of Filipino cuisine in each. This is done so by having different sets of menu items, carefully curated to bring about the story each chapter tells. In the first chapter of this gastronomical story, Lasa: Innovative Filipino Cuisine offers a bolder take of the Filipino classics. Headed by Chef Tristan, the esteemed culinary team prepared different dishes which use collaborative regional techniques and ingredients. “Lasa will be the first of many chapters of Heritage. Basically, the whole storyline will revolve around Filipino culture and stories, but presented through food. People will definitely have to look out for what we have in store for them, and Heritage is just the beginning,” Chef Tristan said. A new dining outlet from Waterfront Mactan, Heritage is unlike the classic restaurant set-up of tables, chairs and servers, the menu items and the ordering system of this virtual restaurant are all done online.

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Balbacua – Waterfront Mactan

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Beef Pares – Waterfront Mactan

“At Waterfront Mactan, our guests always come first. In the new normal, we understand that there is still a great lot of people who are wary to go out of their houses, unless it’s very essential that is why we bring the Hotel experience straight to their homes,” Hotel Manager BenHur Caballes said. Heritage menu will be available on our website and social media accounts on Monday when released and our customers can message us on social media or call us directly for their orders. “Our customers will have to call or message us at least 1 day in advance to guarantee the freshness of their orders. We store limited amount of stocks in our pantry to ensure high quality of food when it is picked up or delivered,” said F&B Manager, April Pinay. Customers can shoot a message to Heritage by Waterfront Facebook page or through Instagram @heritage.waterfront, or ring them at (032) 340-4888 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, to place their orders and note the schedule for pick-up or delivery. For updates on the latest events and offerings, visit and @WaterfrontMactan on Instagram and @Waterfront_Mac on Twitter.

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Chicken Laing Roulade – Waterfront Mactan

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Seafood Inasal – Waterfront Mactan

For inquiries and reservations, you may call (032) 340-4888 or email Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino is conveniently located across the MactanCebu International Airport. At the center of the Historic Resort City, Lapu-lapu, it is just a few minutes away from the island’s famous beaches and resorts and a 30-minute drive to Cebu’s financial and shopping district. The hotel is a subsidiary of Waterfront Philippines, Inc., a pioneer in promoting a distinctly Filipino brand of leisure and hospitality.