For so many people, a 60th birthday party is one of the most significant events of their life.

Dr. Priscilla F. Kimes, president and CEO of KIMES FOOD INTERNATIONAL INC. (KFII) celebrated her 60th Birthday last January 16 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel with the Rustic floral theme. The celebrant’s family, relatives, employees, suppliers and friends gave their best wishes for success, health and good fortune today and in the year to come.

Dr. Priscilla F. Kimes is a chemist who comes from a family of coconut farmers, saw the need to expand potential of the coconuts by developing higher-value products.The company’s coconut wraps are now being brought by its partner for distribution in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.


Mr.Reece Kimes (CFO of Kimes Foods International Inc. with the birthday celebrant Dr. Priscila Kimes CEO of Kimes Foods International Inc.

While the company exports its coconut wraps to different countries, KFII makes available its virgin coconut oil product under the brand Coco Heaven in the local market. Interest in VCO products has intensified further after Filipino experiments found that VCO could help fight COVID-19.

The company has since grown since it started operations in September 2009, with only eight workers. Now, the company employs 200 workers.

Dr. Priscilla has indeed fulfilled her dream of helping coconut farmers, not only in her hometown Argao and Southern Cebu towns but those from even those from Northern Cebu, Leyte and Negros area.


The immediate family of the celebrant