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LaCie and Seagate Drives Level Up Your Creative Workflow for Media and Entertainment

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Whether you work in an office, a studio, or at home, an excellent data workflow is a seamless one, and one that fits your priorities. A wide variety of the right purpose-built storage tools — from SSDs to hard drives— can help you customize your workflow and meet your needs, whether that means massive capacities, reliable storage, or security for your data.

Seagate’s popular line of consumer and Network-Attached-Solutions (NAS) drives have helped many creative professionals scale up their workload and storage capacity, keeping them going on schedule with 24×7 remote access, backup, and file sharing. Seagate’s IronWolf drives for NAS cater to high workload rates of a high-data network within a multi-bay NAS environment, while Seagate’s backup drives, such as Ultra Touch SSD and One Touch SSD, offers speedy file transfers, convenient backup, and storage on-the-go in a sleek fabric design that is credit-card-size small.

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LaCie, the premium brand of Seagate Technology, designs world-class storage solutions for photographers, videographers, audio professionals, and other power users. From seasoned pros to weekend hobbyists, Seagate and LaCie collaborate closely with all kinds of doers, makers, and shakers to craft robust data solutions that help solve a plethora of creative conundrums.

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Creative Pros’ Most Beloved Mobile Hard Drive

With leading technology, performance, quality, and customer support, LaCie helps creative professionals realize their creative vision. The brand differentiate itself with a focus on design, unmatched technical performance, and long-term reliability. To better understand and serve the needs of customers, LaCie maintains in-house innovation centers, product-line manufacturing, and technical support. Over the past decade, LaCie has consistently been best-in-class and first-to-market in deploying the latest innovations, from Firewire to USB to Thunderbolt™ technology.

Since 1992, we have collaborated with visionary designers to bring you cutting-edge products. From Ziba Design to Porsche Design GmbH, as well as Karim Rashid, Ora-ÏIto, and Philippe Starck, a who’s-who list of prominent designers have made their mark on our products. The talent of these designers ensures that you are not just getting a way to store your files — you are buying a product where design and technology merge to result in complete usability. For almost two decades, we have also had a close partnership with Scottish designer Neil Poulton, who designs all of our professional products, including our award-winning Rugged, d2, and 2big storage solutions.

LaCie’s extreme ruggedness loved by creative pros

With16 years of ruggedness expertise since its first conceptualisation, LaCie’s famed Rugged products are the industry’s most trusted way to capture and transport data in the field. They are the standard for professional photoshoots, film sets, in-the-field projects, and studio works, enabling easy audio and video capture and transport. The LaCie Rugged family’s iconic orange bumpers and IP67-rated resistance to the elements make sure they can handle the road reliably.

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Rugged drives are well-equipped for all-terrain reliability. Since 2005, LaCie has unleashed over 6 million rugged drives into the wild. From extreme water resistance to drop, rain, dust, and crush resistance — it’s durability like this that keeps photographers and filmmakers coming back for Rugged drives. Compact, sturdy, and ready for anything, they’re the ideal solution for transporting data on set, in the studio, and into the hands of clients.

The LaCie Rugged family come in a variety of options and capacities to fit your needs. You can go for speed, capacity, or both! Say goodbye to long, drawn out transfers. Availabile in Philippines, rugged hard drives, RAID drives, Mobile Drives, SSDs, d2 Professional desktop drives, and 2big feature a variety of high capacity, high-speeds, so that you’re no longer at the time-stealing mercy of RAW image files and high-resolution video. Transfer, edit, and hit your deadlines — faster.

Selected Rugged drives also comes with government-grade AES-256 self-encryption for extra protection. Thanks to Seagate Secure™ Technology — encrypted LaCie drives ensures your ideas and hard work stay safe from unauthorised access and intellectual property theft.

Coming to your data rescue – we’ve got your back

Your work is worth an extra layer of protection, and trust means everything to our customers. We know how much your digital content means. Irreplaceable photos and your life’s work are stored on your external digital storage, so the product you choose should provide you with complete peace of mind. For this reason, all LaCie professional desktop solutions feature durable aluminum enclosures, high-quality hard drives or SSDs, and components that are built to last.

Exquisite drive performance is not the only benefit — you’ll be armed with Rescue Data Recovery Services. Rescue are available with most Seagate and LaCie drives to help defend against data loss and retrieval costs when the unexpected happens – such as any mechanical, accidental, and natural disaster, or water damage, offering you complete peace of mind. All causes for data loss are covered. Our 95% success rate and exceptional customer service makes us industry leaders in data recovery.

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