Telecommuting into the Post-Pandemic: AboitizLand Advances Business and Employee Safety and Satisfaction

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Work from home (WFH) has been the response of most businesses when the pandemic struck. But in AboitizLand, telecommuting was already being planned for implementation even months before the outbreak as a way to make the business more resilient and future-ready.

Telecommuting or remote working reduces the need for team members to travel. According to Vice President for Corporate Services Philbright Ang Ti, “Initially, we were aiming to boost productivity rates and encourage a better work-life balance. The plans started before the pandemic hit and fortunately we just had to accelerate our transition to WFH due to the stay-at-home mandates.” The adjustment allows AboitizLand to lessen the risk of COVID-19 spread and endangering everyone, and the setup will remain post-pandemic.

The work-from-anywhere option is available to all employees as a long-term work policy of the company. Team members can agree on an arrangement with their team leaders regarding the need to report in the office or at the site, and other considerations. Currently, 20.98% of AboitizLand employees are working at the site front lines, 56.59% are reporting to the office when needed, and 22.44% are purely working from home. AboitizLand believes that this arrangement will serve to build trust within the teams.

Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

One of the ways toward a more resilient business is to boost productivity without increasing operational costs for the company while implementing a work-life balance for employees. Savings on operating expenses were reallocated to advancing digital initiatives, employee engagement, and wellness programs such as internal webinars, learning sessions, and individual development programs, and to benefit external stakeholders.

Despite the growing pains brought about by the sudden transition to remote work, AboitizLand’s Employee Engagement Rating for 2020 was the highest in the last three years.

Team members particularly cited having leaders and fellow team members who care about them at work, clear job expectations, valued contributions, continued professional development, and having the right tools and equipment to get the work done as the top drivers for their engagement.

The availability of digital communication platforms, constant touchpoints with the management team, regular updates on the COVID-19 situation, and virtual town hall meetings were key in helping the team transition to the new normal.

Likewise, initiatives promoting positive mental health such as team well-being kamustahan, mental health sessions, virtual community-building activities (trivia nights, talent showcase) proved helpful in building a sense of togetherness amidst the virtual work setup.

Impact on Communities

Pandemic or no pandemic, the visionary developer recognized telecommuting as one of the ways to advance business and communities. This arrangement contributes to society through reduced environmental impact: less pollution, reduced energy consumption, and lowered greenhouse gas emissions.

With the work-from-anywhere strategy in place, AboitizLand can focus on creating meaningful innovations on its residential projects while supporting and making the lives of residents and property seekers better in the convenience and safety of their homes. For inquiries on corporate matters, please visit or send a message through the Facebook page

“Employees and their families can rest assured that this is not a temporary response to a crisis but a long-term plan to bring our people and business into the future,” says Ang Ti. Even to the employees, AboitizLand is true to its promise of constantly looking for better ways to live.

For over 25 years, AboitizLand has stayed true to its promise of creating better ways to live through its thriving master-planned communities. It now looks to further expand its reach by continuing to develop innovative and fully integrated communities in more locations across the Philippines. A subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, it is built on a firm foundation with a hundred-year heritage of advancing business and communities. For more information about AboitizLand, visit