Future enterprises need to adapt to new normal digital transformation


Enterprises of the future will need to fully enable digitization but some industries are better prepared than others to achieve this, according to a telecommunications executive during the 2021 Transformation Summit organized by Cebu’s leading IT BPM organization.

“We see the future enterprise as organizations with technology at its core, enabling the transformation of people, products, and processes to serve customers better,” said Globe Business Director Dennis Dumdumaya as he shared results of a study on how the different industries coped under a global health crisis. Dumdumaya talked during the summit organized by the Cebu IT/BPM Organization or CIB.O.

He added that they saw from tracking how businesses survived and evolved under the far-reaching effects of the pandemic that there was increased use of technology but this varied across the country’s eight key industries.

From scrambling to support their workforce, adapting to new demands and new opportunities that came about or the lack of these for some, industries like IT services, financial services and insurance, and some manufacturing companies were more ready to implement digital innovations compared to the hospitality, transportation, and healthcare sectors.

Globe Business digital services

Dumdumaya said retail’s move to ecommerce had to happen in an instant, not only for business to customer but also for business to business interactions. Retail customers will also need to have a single view of the customer particularly since the pandemic has altered their buying habits.

It is also still a long path for the financial industry, particularly for banking institutions that might have digitized but still need to fully integrate processes.


TECHNOLOGY AT CORE. Globe Business Director Dennis Dumdumaya said the future enterprise are “organizations with technology at its core, enabling the transformation of people, products, and processes to serve customers better.”

“We need to look at how we can serve these industries as they evolve, and how it will affect us in the IT-BPM industry. We have to look at what services they will need from us as they move their information to the cloud,” he told participants of the four-day virtual summit.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Dumdumaya said, Globe Business has positioned itself as supporting customer requirements no matter how complex these are through services like connectivity, cloud, cybersecurity, Internet of things, AI and big data, and other digital applications. He called for deeper collaboration with key stakeholders in the ICT sector in terms of what support they can offer in accelerating digitization of other industries.