51Talk holds “Light It Up!” virtual event to commemorate first decade in the industry


As leading online English education platform 51Talk marks its 10th anniversary, it recently held a series of online events to celebrate its first decade in the online education industry.

51Talk connects thousands of Filipinos to foreign English language learners and with its “Light It Up! 10 Years and Beyond with 51Talk” virtual event, the platform aimed to not just commemorate what 51Talk has achieved during its first 10 years, but also look forward to what lay ahead in the next decades.

More than 10,000 viewers tuned in to the Facebook live stream, where they enjoyed special performances, a panel discussion, games and a raffle draw. As part of the activities, 51Talk, in collaboration with the Chinese Star Association, registered a planet called 51Talk.

“I would like to thank everyone who is behind the success of 51Talk, especially the 30,000+ online English teachers who are using the 51Talk platform,” said 51Talk’s CEO and Founder Jack Huang. “The naming of the planet symbolizes our curiosity for exploration and thirst for knowledge, which are invaluable traits 51Talk teachers and students possess.”

One of the highlights was the insightful discussion about space and exploration with Chinese astrophysicist Dr. Boyang Liu, who shared interesting facts about the universe and the constellation Vela where the prototype of Planet 51Talk is located.

“It’s always a pleasure to share my passion for astronomy with others,” said Dr. Liu during the event. “Pursuing this field has been implanted into my mind since I was a little kid. I want to thank 51Talk for inviting me to join their 10th anniversary celebration. It has been a very pleasant conversation, and I hope the audience enjoyed it, too!”

“It was a very interesting and educational discussion! I learned that Constellation Vela can be seen in the southern hemisphere and the southern part of the northern hemisphere. Just like the universe, knowledge is limitless,” remarked 51Talk teacher Zeeryl Vivi.

Joining the said segment was American aerospace engineer and President of the Mars Society Dr. Robert Zubrin, who answered a few queries from 51Talk teachers.


“It’s a pleasure for me to be a part of 51Talk’s 10th anniversary celebration. On this exciting day, it’s a gift to be able to think about your connection with the universe and enhance your knowledge, creativity, curiosity, and willingness to explore the unknown,” shared Dr. Zubrin.

A few weeks before the virtual event, 51Talk launched the Light Up The 51Talk Planet game as a prelude to the big day. Lucky winners from the 3,000 plus players who finished the game won raffle prizes during the event. In addition, the virtual audience participated and joined in on the activities and games, where more prizes were given away.


“Thank you to my 51Talk family for the opportunity to represent the brand and the 30,000 teachers using the platform,” enthused Maine Mendoza, 51Talk’s brand ambassador. “I’d also like to congratulate 51Talk for reaching its first decade in the online English education industry! It’s interesting to know that there’s now a planet named 51Talk, and I hope this will inspire you to enlighten more learners through education,” Maine shared.

51Talk Country Head Jennifer Que took the opportunity to thank the platform’s online English teachers.

“We are very proud of you and we are thankful for the dedication and passion you bring to each lesson. With every lesson you teach, you help our students shine brighter. As we celebrate ten fruitful years in the industry, we are affirming our commitment to deliver the best online English education services with the best online English teachers,” Que said.

As 51Talk welcomes another decade, Que added that they foresee a steady influx of learners from China as the platform prepares an updated curriculum for a more holistic English language learning experience. This year alone, the platform aims to attract more teachers to accommodate the demand, which in turn will provide more livelihood opportunities to Filipinos.


“Through the years, 51Talk has helped light up the lives of individuals, families, and communities by providing online livelihood to its ever-growing population of online English teachers in the Philippines. As the platform expands its presence across provinces in China, we hope to mirror the same growth here by bringing more livelihood opportunities to Filipinos.” Que ended.

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