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Experience the healing wonders of Oliva Wonder Oil



During this pandemic outbreak, many people have been struggling to sleep well at night and are feeling fatigued during the day. We all need quality sleep to function properly at work, but when you’re experiencing stress associated with fears and worries with the ongoing pandemic, you need to overcome these challenges.


D&A Distributions Founder / CEO Mr. Rheenan Delfino


Someone like me, an APOR, who needs to go outside for work has to take action before the feeling of tiredness persists. Before the latest lockdown in Cebu, I came across with D&A Distributions company that aims to make everyone feel better through their genuinely natural, guaranteed safe and effective products for personal use. I was able to attend their product launching with some friends. They have lots of essential oils namely Auro Borealis, Oliva Sunrise, Oliva Sunset, Oliva Wonder Oil, and Oliva Vaporin.


All of their products are 100% pure and organic. My favorite of them all is the Oliva Wonder Oil because it soothes my aching back and muscles all over my body. It absorbs quickly into my skin and promotes healing and relaxation while I’m asleep. It is non-greasy compared to other essential oils that I’ve tried. It heals my skin especially that I have very dry skin. It’s really therapeutic! The aroma relaxes me a lot.


D&A Distributions is also committed to empowering people by providing livelihood programs through its remarkable products and compensation plan. You can be a Reseller with a Lifetime Membership, 20% Product discount, 5% Rebate on every 1,200 pesos minimum worth personal retail purchase, 5% override to all your direct reseller retail repeat purchases, 1 Slot Profit Share (Premium Voucher), and a 150-500 pesos Referral Incentive.



D&A Distributions believes that livelihood programs play a big role in helping improve the lives of everyone and eradicate poverty, especially during this global crisis. They innovate unique compensation systems to empower our distributors and resellers. Choose to feel good and better every day. For inquiries please call 0908-772-3636 or send them an email at rheenandelfino@gmail.com. You can also check their Facebook Page at Oliva Wonder Oil.