Breadwinners with full-time jobs find purpose and earn extra from teaching English online


In this fast-paced world we live in, it has become the norm for many to be involved in different things and juggle several endeavors simultaneously. Filipinos are no exception. May it be in their personal lives or professional careers, they are known to be well-rounded individuals who devote much energy and effort to their undertakings.

Such is the case for Teachers Yannah Allen, Angelica Fry, and Jube Kathleen. They are online English teachers at 51Talk, a platform where thousands of teachers can be booked for online English lessons by Chinese students. Aside from teaching, they also have other responsibilities outside the virtual classroom. Whether it’s having a regular day job, being a family breadwinner, or running the household, these teachers shoulder a lot of responsibilities and yet they also excel in their careers as online English teachers. According to them, 51Talk unlocked their hidden potentials and became an avenue for them to empower and inspire learners.

“I’ve always led a dynamic lifestyle and it’s common for me to be involved in many things,” shared Teacher Yannah, who also works full-time as a therapy coordinator at a Texas-based company. “I easily get bored doing monotonous tasks because I believe the only way for me to grow is by constantly exploring new endeavors, especially ones that will challenge me.”

By becoming an online English teacher at 51Talk, Teacher Yannah discovered her capabilities as a teacher. In her many months of teaching on the platform, she has learned how to deal with different kinds of students and keep them engaged. To make sure she’s always at the top of her game, Teacher Yannah constantly improves her English language skills by playing word games and attending 51Talk’s free workshops during her spare time.

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An online English teacher at 51Talk for a year now, Teacher Yannah Allen is thriving in her current setup. Teaching comes naturally to her and she wishes to become a PHBEE club captain at 51Talk someday.

“I love being with my students and I exert every effort to make their learning experience a fun and engaging one. It has become my goal for them to be as good in English as I am or even better,” said Teacher Yannah, who added that she sees herself as an online English teacher in the long term and a trainer someday.

Teacher Angelica, on the other hand, is a public school elementary teacher who teaches a number of subjects, such as Science, Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Information and Computer Technology (ICT). At night, she teaches with 51Talk.

Even though she had taught different subjects, Teacher Angelica only got to teach English when she joined 51Talk. According to her, being an online English teacher has not only satisfied her curiosity about teaching the subject, but also helped further improve her skills as a teacher.

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Teacher Angelica Fry is able to extend her passion for teaching at home through 51Talk. An elementary public school teacher by profession, she gets to further improve her mentoring skills at 51Talk since it allows her to experience teaching in the virtual classroom.

“I enjoy teaching and learning as an online English teacher. Since 51Talk allows me to experience what online teaching is like, I get to discover more of my capabilities as a mentor. In fact, I’ve adopted my online teaching methods in traditional classrooms, and I’ve realized the outcome is so much better,” shared Teacher Angelica.

Teaching comes naturally to Teacher Angelica, who goes out of her way to understand her students and gain their trust. She finds fulfillment whenever they share a milestone with her, may it be during lessons or in their personal lives. “Teaching brings value and purpose to my life, and it nourishes me despite the occasional challenges I encounter along the way,” she said.

As for Teacher Jube, who is a virtual assistant for a US-based company, teaching at 51Talk allows her to earn more at home and spend quality time with her family.

“I always commit myself to anything I do. At 51Talk, I give my all when I teach. I want my students to have a learning experience they will always remember,” said Teacher Jube.

Although Teacher Jube has a steady income through her virtual assistant job, she still looks forward to teaching with 51Talk in the next few years. In fact, she has already invested in all the equipment she needs to teach efficiently at home.

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With a degree in secondary education, Teacher Jube Kathleen gets to practice her profession at 51Talk, where she exerts every effort to give her students an optimal learning experience. She sees herself playing the role of an online English teacher in the years to come.

“I enjoy teaching my students, seeing their progress and being a part of it. It’s heartwarming whenever my students say ‘Thank you’ to me and tell me that their parents also appreciate what I’m doing. This is why I feel fulfilled in my role as an online English teacher at 51Talk,” she said.

Now in its 10th year, 51Talk has provided tens of thousands of livelihood opportunities to Filipinos. As the whole world celebrates Teachers’ Month, 51Talk pays homage to its teachers who have been dedicated not only to growing professionally on the platform, but also to helping their students succeed.

51Talk Country Head Jennifer Que mirrors Teacher Yannah, Angelica, and Jube’s sentiments. She believes that teaching isn’t just a profession, but also an impactful way of touching lives.

“Passion and camaraderie are at the forefront of what we do at 51Talk, and these are being embodied well by our more than 30,000 teachers. Aside from providing quality English lessons, our teachers also strive to establish deep connections with their students and fellow 51Talk teachers. These forged bonds inside and outside the virtual classrooms are what makes up our growing teaching community,” Que said.

“The advantages of 51Talk’s flexible setup is that it gives our teachers the option to teach part-time or full-time. This is beneficial for those who wish to earn extra since they get to decide how many lessons they would conduct,” Que added.

According to her, interested applicants need not have a teaching degree to join the platform. “As long as you have the interest or passion to teach and have the necessary equipment and connectivity, you are welcome to teach with 51Talk. Should you wish to develop your teaching skills, we also provide free training and workshops for our teachers on a regular basis,” Que said.

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