CUE Group Broadens Horizons with Bonsey Jaden Partnership


It’s a season full of possibilities now that CUE Group has invested into the Bonsey Jaden Group, further enhancing their expansion across Asia and the United States.

With the global community growing more and more digital by the day, this partnership is all the more timely. “This partnership is very exciting,” says Shi Kan, CEO of CUE Group “with opportunities appearing all over the world, this relationship will be mutually beneficial, and will grow our portfolios in the digital technology realm together.”

As a digital technology group initiated by industry elites and jointly invested by world-renowned investment institutions, CUE Group is committed to boosting the digital development of enterprises, industries and governments by using innovative technologies such as Big Data and AI. Adhering to the philosophy of “Data Drives Growth, Technology Leads Development,” CUE Group attaches great importance to R&D and emphasizes a pragmatic attitude to producing substantial value for customers.

“The ambition and vision of CUE Group are both really exciting, and complement the roadmap we have been developing for Bonsey Jaden’s future,” says Daniel Posavac, Group CEO of Bonsey Jaden. “We look forward to working together with CUE Group to integrate our products and services, while further expanding our ability to add value to more clients and partners across a greater number of markets.”

Bonsey Jaden is a full-service digital brand agency headquartered in Singapore, with offices across Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia. They specialise in partnering with clients to develop world-class digital brand experiences with a focus on building #Powerbrands, having worked with global names such as Cetaphil, Microsoft, Starbucks, Singapore Tourism Board, and Facebook.

This partnership opens up opportunities to help these brands and others like them to reach new levels of success and profitability. Combining the strategic, creative and media expertise of the agency with CUE Group’s wealth of technological know-how enables stronger support and increased innovation for the brands under the agency’s care—both current and those that will come in the future.

CUE Group takes its place as Bonsey Jaden’s majority shareholder while keeping the leadership and management structure of the agency unchanged, making it easier for both groups to become industry leaders in the rapidly progressing world of digital branding.