Special Features

The Chocolate Chamber celebrates 10 years of chocolate connection in sharing tradition, innovation, and a culture of excellence.


Today marks the 10th year anniversary of TCC by conducting an exclusive 10510 Beyond Chocolate Virtual Tour via Zoom which was attended by the Chocolate Queen’s loyal patrons, friends here and abroad.

TCC Founder Raquel Toquero-Choa and her daughter, Hannah, introduced the tree of the food of the gods and shared the rich chocolate tradition and the wonders of Philippine cacao as they continue to link, collaborate, and sustain the cacao value chain.




Raquel also conducted some sweet Cacao Conversations to the audience and shared her inspirational chocolate journey that started in the mountains of Balamban, Cebu. The audience witnessed the making of tablea and cacao de bola using a “lusong” and “aljo” by no less than the Chocolate Queen.




During the virtual tour, Cacao Educator, Edu, highlighted the historical, cultural, and agricultural aspects of the tree of the food of the gods. Meanwhile, The Chocolate Princess Hannah Choa discussed about the Cacao Bean Evolution. A short video of the Legend of Maria Cacao was also played. After which, Hannah conducted a demonstration on how to prepare their signature chocolate drink.



The program ended with a 30-minute Q&A where guests asked questions and extended congratulatory messages to the TCC team.


Congratulations to The Chocolate Chamber and more power!