Warner Music has launched Asiatic Records, a new Asian label dedicated to supporting the best hip-hop and rap talent from across the region.  It will offer Asia’s top hip-hop artists the support they need to develop their careers, elevating the genre across the region and introducing its stars to a global audience.

While Warner Music has launched country-specific hip-hop labels in the past, this new label is the first Warner Music imprint with the explicit mission of creating truly cross-Asian – and worldwide – superstars in the genre. Asiatic will draw on the combined resources and experiences of the company’s multiple affiliates across the region, offering an integrated array of marketing and promotional services to help its roster grow their fan base across the east and into the west.

While the label seeks to support all the most promising emerging talent across the continent regardless of gender, Asiatic will lean heavily into supporting female artists in the region. Asiatic believes there is an underrepresentation in recorded music of the incredible female talent from Asia working in the genre. The label will seek to provide a home for these artists, and a platform for them to reach the widest audience possible.

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The first leading performer to join its roster is RAMENGVRL, one of South East Asia’s foremost hip-hop artists.  Raised in Indonesia, RAMENGVRL’s music career took off in 2017 when her rebellious spirit and forward-thinking style helped her become one of the first female rappers to break into the male-dominated local hip-hop scene.

She took home the prize for Hip-Hop Song of the Year at the prestigious Anugerah Musik Indonesia Awards in 2018 and 2019.  She was also featured in Forbes Indonesia’s 2021 ‘30-under-30’ special edition – a testament to her cultural influence and name recognition in the country’s “who’s who” of creative pioneers.

RAMENGVRL has just put out two hotly anticipated singles, ‘I’m Ugly’ and ‘Ain’t No MF Like Me (feat. pH-1)’, as her first official releases with Asiatic Records.

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David Stouck, Vice President, A&R Asia, Warner Music

David Stouck, Vice President, A&R Asia, Warner Music, says: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Asiatic Records and the signing of RAMENGVRL. Asiatic is Warner Music’s home to the best hip-hop artists across the region, and RAMENGVRL is clearly one of a kind. She’s taken the Indonesian market by storm; we now have the opportunity to show the world what a truly unique talent she is.  And she is just one example of the cutting-edge, multi-lingual artists breaking out in the region. We really see an opportunity at Asiatic to amplify top-tier talent from across Asia and to provide a launchpad for their worldwide success.”

RAMENGVRL adds: “I’m very excited to join Asiatic Records and the Warner Music family. Making it in Indonesia with music that defies conservative views is one crazy accomplishment.  Now with Warner Music’s support, I’m ready to make my mark across the rest of Asia, and beyond.  I’m so glad that the team at Asiatic Records is fully in line with this vision and my unapologetic f-what you think style.  They have built an amazing team to support me and I can’t wait for the world to hear more of the songs we’re working on!”