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Young millennial siblings make coffee a business inspiration

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CEBU CITY – A taste of fine coffee dining in Cebu? Try this newly-opened hip coffee shop at City Times Square in Mandaue City owned, operated and managed by these young millennial siblings Christian, Adrian and Patrick Saladaga who make coffee their inspiration for a business startup using the first letters of their names, C-A-P as the brand name thus, “CAP Daily Coffee.”

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CAP Daily Coffee’s story began in 2018, Christian told this writer that the Saladaga family was into various kinds of business with their parents encouraging the siblings to find their passion that led them to discover coffee.

After an interesting study on the coffee industry and its local market, Christian, 21, Adrian, 20 and Patrick, 13 with their parent’s support decided to open its first physical store on September 8, 2021 after two years of preparations and believing that coffee is more than just a beverage.

“It is the basis for a passionate life and a successful business.  Our enthusiasm for coffee gets stronger with each generation and our objective is to offer exciting, cheerful and enjoyable life experiences with each flavorful cup of coffee at CAP Daily Coffee,” Christian said.

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Christian Saladaga

For these young entrepreneurs, their business vision is to serve a more vibrant, healthy and quality meals while working towards the greater good of their employees and community.

True to its vision, CAP Daily Coffee offers quality service from its crew of professional barristas, trained chefs led by chef Bruno who makes it a point to create signature meals that are deliciously beautiful and ‘instagrammable’ to cater to the younger generation of yuppies, students and the social media enthusiasts.

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Adrian Saladaga

According to Adrian, they hired a social media manager to advertise the business and for its social media content marketing. He added that businesses today need social media promotion and marketing especially that CAP Daily Coffee customer traffic is 60 percent working professionals and the rests are students.

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At CAP Daily Coffee, customers are not only treated with brewed coffee, a good mix of Arabica/Robusta and other coffee by-products such as frappes, cool drinks but with its signature best seller drinks—strawberry, Amalfi, chocolate frappes and signature burgers, sandwiches, salads, waffles and more in hefty servings at very affordable prices.

Christian and Adrian are very hands-on at the coffee shop and at this early the siblings are already thinking ahead for possible expansion especially now that more and more people are vaccinated and allowed to dine out with health protocols easing a bit.

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CAP Daily Coffee’s ambiance is hip yet classic with its black and white motif and is open at 10:00am to 10:00 pm. Mondays to Sundays.

“Coffee with friends creates magical moments,” is CAP Daily Coffee’s tagline. Indeed.