Historic wine-tasting in Cebu a big success


For the first time ever, a wine tasting in Cebu island took place on the eve of Valentine’s Day, February 13, at City Time Square 2 in Mandaue City.

The ground-breaking event was a huge success behind the meticulous guidance of Ms. Yani Geralla, herself a wine aficionado who believes that “Wine, like life, is meant to be enjoyed”.

An esteemed educator, Ms. Yani has been teaching English for the last 20 years. The General Manager and Academic Director of IDEA English Language school, she also serves as president of the association of English Language Schools in the Philippines called EP (English Philippines).


Mr. Paul Dumont with the second set of guests


Miss Yani holding a bottle of Bordo, the best seller wine!

Her wine journey started when her friend, Paul Dumont, the co- founder of Rabbiton Farm and the founder of Enhance Visa Services, connected her to a family-owned business whose patriarch Mike Sandalo happens to be the sole and direct importer of wines from Sandalo Vineyards.  Ms. Yani and Dumont are now a common friend of Sandalo, who hails from Bantayan Island.

The brilliant wine-tasting had two sessions so more people could enjoy the experience. The first set was at 5pm- 6:30pm and the second set 6:30pm-8:30pm.




The guests were mostly friends of Ms. Yani from Cebu and Mandaue. Others were locals who booked through online and a Canadian who owns a spa. They were introduced to eight different wine varieties and were taught about wine itself and how to enjoy such.

The even featured Brazilian wines, which are all specially crafted and designed by a Brazilian wine maker to align with the Filipino palate. There were three table wines, three fine wines, and two draught wines being introduced.


Table wines consist of  Bordo, Niagara and Rose. Fine wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Moscato white while the draught are red and white sparkling, which are only available in Brazil and are now being exclusively distributed in Bantayan, Dumaguete and Cebu. These wines are available online and can be delivered at your doorsteps.

The event has been purposely done to give people more chance to learn about good wines and appreciate them more. It also promotes this unique experience to savor time with friends and loved ones while enjoying these sophisticated drinks.


The sole and direct importer for the wines Mr. Mike Sandalo

Ms. Yani has been to wine countries like Italy, France and Australia and even tried wine tasting a few times. She is blessed to be introduced to Mike Sandalo through Mr. Paul Dumont as she has the heart to share her beautiful experiences and impart her knowledge and skills to all those who are interested.

Ms. Yani yearns to do this wine tasting anywhere where there’s opportunity and keep promoting these Brazilian wines specially to wine lovers and business owners as well. She hopes to organize this event regularly in the future.


Guests savoring the experience

If you want to enjoy such kind of experience, you may contact Ms. Yani Geralla at 09171691606 / 09692750972/and 09562777458 for WhatsApp. You may also send a message in her Facebook page: Ms Yani Geralla.