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Delmar Travel and Tours: 44-years of successful journey


Last February 23, 2022, Delmar Travel and Tours, Inc. proudly celebrated its 44-years of successful journey over an intimate blended (face-to-face and via zoom) gathering attended by its shareholders and some loyal partners, pilgrims, and employees in its new office located at Advent Business Center, Acacia St., Cebu City.  Delmar Travel and Tour is a Cebu-based travel agency popularly known for its religious life-transforming pilgrimages and other faith-deepening family and group tours.

One highlight of the occasion is the tribute to the lives of the founders Delfin Jr. and Marilou Ordoñez who not long ago joined our creator. Everyone who attended expressed their gratitude & appreciation as they give their testimonies on how Del & Mar impacted their personal and spiritual journey, and for bringing Delmar business to where it is today as the leading and sought-after pilgrimage and cruise package organizer in the Philippines.



The celebration started with a holy mass officiated by Delmar’s very own Fr. Ricky Ordoñez, son of the founders Delfin & Marilou Ordoñez. Father Ricky chronicles the amazing 44-year journey of Delmar. His homily also recounts the tenacity and passion of his mother, the company’s matriarch, and former President and General Manager, Mrs. Marilou Ordoñez. Fr. Ricky said, “More than just travel and tour, Mom [Mrs. Ordoñez] was steadfastly convinced that Delmar has an even greater mission — to bring pilgrims to various holy sites where God has something personal and important to reveal to each of them. Moreover, Mom wanted to bring more Priests in these pilgrimages for them to have deeper encounters as they journey in the footsteps of Jesus and Mary.


Virgilio “Nonoy” Espeleta, a shareholder who helped Delmar as Consultant and Director was requested by Mrs. Marliou Ordoñez herself to take over as President and General Manager just before her passing. He humbly considers himself as a Steward of Delmar to continue the evangelical business. Despite his many socio-economic responsibilities, community engagements, and diplomatic obligations, he abidingly accepted the new responsibility to sustain & grow Delmar’s mission congruent to his life’s calling to evangelize the workplace or to bring people closer to Christ. With great astonishment, he joyfully shared how God is at work in all of these — how God used Delmar in revealing to him his own life mission during the Footsteps of Jesus pilgrimage in 2010 and how God leads him to eventually lead Delmar.

Mr. Nonoy Espeleta assured the patrons that “DELMAR IS HERE TO STAY!” He shared his 5-year business continuity and improvement plan which will start even when the travel industry is on hiatus. Strategic direction includes new packages and new destinations expanding to the younger segments of travelers while strengthening Delmar’s online presence.