Zero Waste Refills partners with RAFI One To Tree, Pledges 1,000 Trees

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Zero Waste Refills partners with RAFI One To Tree, Pledges 1,000 Trees

Cutting your single-use plastic waste helps grows trees.

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. One to Tree (RAFI OTT) program has partnered with Zero Waste Refills (ZWR) for a special tree growing program. For every gallon of any product sold, ZWR will plant one tree in partnership with RAFI OTT.

ZWR is a Davao-grown company which promotes sustainable practices by encouraging customers to buy in bulk (per gallon). Customers can reuse the same containers by purchasing refills, thereby significantly reducing single-use plastic.

With every purchase of a gallon of their products, such as liquid detergent, dishwashing soap, and ethyl alcohol, patrons become key players in helping plant trees. ZWR has initially pledged 1,000 trees for planting with RAFI OTT.

“Single-use plastic is a major culprit in filling our landfills and adding to our environmental problems. We are glad of initiatives such as Zero Waste Refills that promote reusing containers and bulk buying. These are major steps in helping the environment and encourage sustainable practices at a household level. We are excited to have Zero Waste Refills and their loyal patrons as our latest Bio Champs. We look forward to planting more trees with them,” said Anton Dignadice, Executive Director of RAFI One To Tree.

ZWR is a on a mission towards a plastic-free Philippines. Zero Waste Refills promotes refill and bulk-buying systems since March 2020. Through its products and services, and its loyal customer base, it has prevented 1.3 million plastic sachets from entering landfills, helped over 300 ambassadors earn extra income, and established 17 franchise stores and distributions in Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental, Leyte, and Davao.

“We are happy to be part of RAFI’s One to Tree program as it aligns with our business advocacy. We hope more businesses will move towards sustainable operations through Zero Waste Refills and pushing it further by planting trees through the One to Tree program,” said Katrina Anne Castillo, one of Zero Waste Refills’ distributors.

To support ZWR’s call for a plastic-free Philippines and help plant trees through RAFI One To Tree, find a local ZWR station near you and purchase your favorite products in bulk.

RAFI One To Tree (formerly known as RAFI Biodiversity Conservation Unit), has been active in reforestation and conservation for over two decades and has achieved more than 80% survival rate for native tree growing. RAFI OTT also assists companies in the service delivery of Environmental Compliance Certificate requirements set by the Philippine Government, as well as helping them achieve carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation goals.