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KSY CRAVES: Save Room for Desserts

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RMA News is featuring providers of essential and food items as our way of promoting e-commerce and providing our local online sellers easy and hassle-free access to consumers.

KSY Craves is selling freshly baked KETO Cheese Loaf and KETO Choco Loaf.

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KETO Cheese Loaf – ₱300


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KETO Choco Loaf – ₱350

KSY Craves serve food ideal for those on keto, low carb and diabetic diet.



✔Diabetic Friendly

✔100% Guilt Free

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KSY Craves is located at Punta Princesa, Cebu City.

For your orders, you may call these numbers 0917-727-8880 and 0918-313-4567. You can also arrange pick-up and delivery via Maxim.

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