CebuDoc Group: Forging Healthcare Innovation in Visayas and Mindanao


Cebu Doctors University Hospital, the leader in healthcare innovation in Visayas and Mindanao has recently acquired cutting-edge imaging technologies – the Magnetom Sola Fit Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Mammomat Revelation Mammography, which now opens new clinical possibilities for better patient diagnosis.

“Innovation is one of the core values of CebuDoc Group, so in every investment we make – may it be upscaling our services, renovating our facilities, or acquiring the latest technology – we only have one end in mind – improve the lives of our patients and our staff,” said Dr. Potenciano ‘Yong’ S.D. Larrazabal, III, CebuDoc Group’s President and Chairman of the Board.

Diagnostic Precision with AI and BioMatrix Technology

Patients are referred for an MRI scan for a variety of reasons. It is used to diagnose cancers and malignancies, as well as injuries or disorders of the joints, spine, soft tissue, or ligaments, as well as ailments of the brain, heart, and digestive organs. It can assist clinicians by providing a diagnostic report on the patient’s symptoms, which can be used to aid treatments.

CebuDoc is the first medical facility in the Visayas and Mindanao to install the Magnetom Sola Fit MRI scanner from Siemens Healthineers with groundbreaking BioMatrix Technology that supports precise, personalized imaging with exceptional speed across an entire patient population.

“Patients have unique, individual characteristics which we refer to as biovariabilities. Every patient has different physiologies and anatomies, and the way they interact with technology may cause unwarranted variations in imaging results. BioMatrix Technology helps us overcome these challenges by automatically adjusting to patient biovariability. Through this, we can now personalize examinations and expand precision in our diagnosis,” said Dr. Philip Anthony S.D. Larrazabal, CebuDoc’s Department of Radiology Chairman.

Furthermore, the BioMatrix Technology also addresses the patients’ anatomical and physiological differences to help healthcare providers quickly perform a full range of routine and complex examinations while delivering consistent results for each patient. With such technology, the Magnetom SolaFit can help decrease rescans and increase productivity to improve cost-efficiency and overall patient experience.

What sets Magnetom Sola Fit apart is its artificial intelligence (AI) technology where patient comfort is the top priority. During the procedure, it automatically adjusts to the patient’s body habitus with reduced motion and noise. AI-supported systems monitor patients, scan parameters and ensure consistent image quality.


“Specifically we can now provide much crispier, clearer images; we can do examinations faster so we can image more areas of the body without compromising patient comfort. So now we can give them a better patient experience and it’s easier for physicians to convince

their patients to have an MRI done, it’s faster, it’s more comfortable. We have the largest bore machine meaning you don’t have as much claustrophobia as the other conventional MRI machines,” said MRI Section Head, Dr. Maria Josefina Sarino-Alfonso.

The Magnetom Sola Fit is one of the latest additions to Siemens’ open-bore MRI scanner line-up. Wide-bore MRI systems have a large, 70 cm. in diameter magnet that makes patient access and comfort levels much better in comparison to other MRI systems. It significantly facilitates inpatient MRI studies which are often performed on critical patients who have several devices attached: implants such as catheters, IV lines; and vital signs monitoring sensors. These patients may also be unconscious, thus requiring close monitoring and easy access.


Reduced Detection Challenges for Better Diagnosis

Aside from the brand new MRI, Cebu Doctors University Hospital also acquired the latest mammography technology that leads our experts to have more accurate findings – the Mammomat Revelation.

Mammomat Revelation is the first mammography platform that has a unique 50° wide-angle technology – making anatomical details more visible with the highest depth resolution. And with discomfort or pains being considered as the key reasons why patients avoid potentially life-saving mammography exams, MAMMOMAT Revelation is designed to reduce discomfort with the highest depth resolution available resulting in outstanding image quality.

“Digital Breast Tomosynthesis is a 3D imaging modality that acquires images at multiple angles during a short scan. The individual images are then reconstructed into a series of thin, high-resolution slices which can reduce detection challenges associated with overlapping structures. With this superior system performance, it increases early cancer detection, which is the goal of breast imaging – to catch the cancer at its earliest form. Early detection, Immediate Treatment, Early stage of the disease, means good prognosis,” said Dr. Christine Esther Suarez, Section Head of Breast Imaging.


Committed to supporting clinicians and women around the globe in the fight against breast cancer, this new technology of Siemens Healthineers supports fast and reliable decisions.

“A screening mammogram detects breast changes that could be cancerous in asymptomatic people. With our new mammogram using the latest technology, we will be able to detect cancer when it is still very small and treatment is curative. With our new wide-bore MRI using AI technology, the overall MRI experience is much improved – examination speed, patient comfort and experience, image quality, and diagnostic accuracy are all raised to a new level,” Dr. Philip Larrazabal concluded.

Known to be the country’s Most Outstanding Hospital for Level 3 Private, CebuDoc’s innovation only assures its patients with excellent care that aims to improve their lives.