Childlink hurdles pandemic challenge, maintains quality education


Although the pandemic posed a difficult challenge to the educational system throughout the world, Childlink Learning Center and High School Inc. was able to hurdle the crisis as it continued to provide quality education to its students.

Using technology, the school transitioned to online learning to enable the teachers and students to continue to interact through its virtual classes.

“I believe we did quite good for online learning. Matud pa sa mga parents, maayo pagkatudlo sa online learning (The parents said the teachers were proficient during the online learning), said Maria Theresa Tio, Childlink founder and school directress.

The parents saw that the school’s teachers and staff have exerted efforts to make the transition to online learning as smooth as possible, Ms. Tio pointed out. She said there was communication and collaboration among teachers, staff, parents and students that made the transition much easier.

Although the classes have been conducted online, Ms. Tio maintained that most of their students have good grades. This is because the value of being responsible has been inculcated in the school’s students before the pandemic occurred.


The school has motivated their students so that they become more responsible. “This is one of strength of Childlink. Even if its online learning, we see to it that every student is being attended to,” she added.

Students had also acquired good values like sharing and helping each other. This strategy has paid off for Childlink as their students continue to do well in their studies and help each other in their studies.

The school had set up group chats and break out rooms to allow students to socialize with each other and work on the tasks given to students. The group chats and break out rooms also help foster long distance relationships among the students.



To ensure that the students are on track with their studies, the school uses a learning management system to monitor group chats and breakout rooms, which enable teachers to guide the students on their studies.

While the classes were done online, the curriculum remains the same. Ms. Tio explained that they made adjustments on the activities by choosing those that fit online learning.

She cited as example the Music subject. “We were used to face to face. (During the pandemic), we made use of the student’s technological skills so they were able to produce their output, making videos.”

The school also continued to collaborate with others such as those with students of other countries as well as their different advocacies.

Although Childlink will be having face-to-face classes in the incoming school year, these will be limited only, Ms. Tio explained.

The school will be implementing blended learning, a combination of physical and online classes.


Since some parents are not yet confident over allowing their children to attend the physical classes, the school will be offering hybrid flexible or Hyflex approach, combining face to face and online learning she said. Through the Hyflex method, children who opt to stay at home can still attend classes online.

Under this set-up, while the teacher is conducting physical classes, students who attend online can still view and hear what is happening in the classroom, Ms. Tio explained.

Childlink also continues to offer the Home School Program, which provides a great opportunity to integrate the child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and character development in a natural and nurturing setting. Childlink learning modules are appropriate for each student.


The program offers academic flexibility. It enables parents to choose the pace and approach for their children’s lesson modules. This means that they could make some adjustments, depending on various situations at home.

To monitor the home school students’ performance and to ensure that they learn their lessons, the school conducts weekly assessment for each student.

As part of its preparation, Childlink will be conducting orientation in the last week of July since the face-to-face classes will start in the first week of August.

Enrollment is ongoing for preschool, elementary and junior high school. For more information, please contact 032-4152963 and 09338122911.