Robinsons Appliances reopens Fuente Osmeña store, offers discounts and promos


Robinsons Appliances reopens its first-ever store located Robinsons Fuente on Friday, August 26, 2022, after it completed renovation of the store.

Donna San Luis, Marketing Services Manager of Robinsons Appliances, said they were supposed to do a makeover of the first branch established in time for the 20th anniversary in 2020 but it did not push through when the pandemic happened.

According to Ms. San Luis, people are going out again and the malls are now active, so the company decided that it was time to relaunch a refreshed look for their customers.

“Prospective buyers who will visit can see a brighter store and a wider assortment of products, especially for gadgets,” she explained in an interview during the relaunch. Robinsons Appliances is the preferred store for gadgets and gaming consoles.


Donna San Luis, Marketing Services Manager of Robinsons Appliances

Ms. San Luis noted that the Robinsons Appliances has allocated a bigger space for gadgets and gaming laptops and consoles in recognition of the growing demand for these products. The store still carries television sets, washing machines and other appliances, which are also popular among homeowners.

After the renovation, the store now exudes a welcoming feel with its well-lighted and modern interior.

Robinsons Appliances have around 80 stores nationwide and will soon open another store at Gapan. The company also plans to refresh other appliance stores.

Robinsons Appliances Fuente also offers promos and discounts on various mobile phones and laptops.



Buyers have the choice to personally visit the store or order through the Robinsons Appliances official website

Aside from paying with cash, the store also accepts various payment channels through bank debit and credit cards as well as other cashless electronic payments.

Buyers can also order online through the official website and pick up their order at the store.


They also have delivery partners for those who opt to have their orders delivered. “We can arrange it for them or they may want to do it themselves,” she explained.

Several activities marked the reopening. These include the Oppo Reno8 Grand Launch which aired live on Robinsons Appliances Fuente Facebook page, the Valorant In-Store Tournament and Tiktok launch.


The re-opening of Robinsons Appliances in Cebu will allow more and more people to enjoy the lifestyle they once knew.

As they opened these renovated stores with new selections and look, Robinsons Appliances prepared cool and exciting deals and activities for the Cebuanos.

There’s an ongoing Pay Day Sale until August 31, 2022, Stop, Shop and Win Raffle promo which gives out a raffle ticket for every P10,000 purchase until August 28, 2022; and RainyDay Perks, which offers discounts until September 30, 2022.


Ms. San Luis calls on prospective buyers to visit the Robinsons Appliances as it offers more affordable prices compared to other appliance stores.

Cebuanos can visit Robinsons Appliances at Robinsons Place Cebu, or log in fast onto the Robinsons Appliances website to see more great deals.