LPG-refillable 170-gram cylinder by Petron now available in Cebu



CEBU CITY — Petron Corporation officially launched its Fiesta Gas 170-gram in refillable cylinders in Cebu on September 16 at its outlet at the Petron service station along B. Rodriguez, Cebu City to support the government’s campaign against the use of illegally-refilled butane canisters.

Virgilio Centeno, Petron Corporation Vice President for Industrial Sales said, the new Fiesta Gas 170-gram in refillable cylinders allows the vast majority of Filipino consumers to get their hands on a quality yet affordable LPG product from a brand they can trust.

“As the industry leader, Petron is committed to helping the DOE address the proliferation of butane canisters that are illegally refilled with LPG by introducing a better and safer alternative in the market,” Centeno remarked.

Centeno added that the packaging is made of seamless aluminum alloy, allowing it to withstand high pressure in line with Philippine National Standards (PNS). The Fiesta Gas 170-gram in refillable cylinders is safe, reliable, and easily compatible with portable stoves and grillers.


Rino Abad of the DOE-Oil Industry Management Bureau said that DOE continues to intensify its campaign against illegal refillers in the region to ensure the safety of consumers.  He appealed to the public to stop using illegally refilled butane canisters and prioritize safety.

“As we’ve reiterated in the past, these do not comply with the DTI or BFP standards on safety and quality, making them extremely dangerous. We welcome the entry of Petron in the small refillable LPG cylinders category and hope that this will result in more LPG users choosing the safer and government-compliant option,’’ Abad explained.

Centeno added that Petron is primarily focusing its efforts in Visayas and soon in Mindanao where single-use butane canisters that are illegally refilled with LPG is quite common.  DOE strongly advises against this kind of product which is prone to leaks and can trigger accidental combustion, potentially harming users.

Cebu, in particular, has recorded an alarming number of fire incidents resulting from the backyard or illegal refilling of butane canisters, Centeno stressed the importance of sourcing only from authorized dealers and retailers.  Petron always considers safety as its main focus in any of its LPG products, he said.

According to Centeno, small refillable LPG cylinders warrant stringent safety standards, and the only way this can be guaranteed is if a product is legally refilled and purchased from legitimate sellers.

Through this latest offering from Petron, charcoal and firewood users who are similarly exposed to health hazards, will be that much safer, while current LPG users now have a more convenient and budget-friendly cooking fuel option, Centeno said.


The Fiesta Gas 170-gram in refillable cylinder is initially available in Cebu through Petron’s network of LPG dealer stores and service stations. For more details, please visit the official Fiesta Gas Facebook page at