LTO 7 free TDC reached the 20K mark this October


Exactly two years after it was launched in the region, Land Transportation Office (LTO) 7’s free Theoretical Driving Course has reached its 20,000 mark this month.

The bulk of these scholars was from the regional agency’s program on Malasakit On Wheels – e-Patrol Mobile Service.

It was in October 2020 when LTO 7 started offering free TDC scholarships to deserving individuals through the Driver’s Education Center (DEC) located at Malasakit Office, Natalio Bacalso Avenue, in Cebu City.

From only 50 certificates issued upon its first month of implementation, it rose to thousands when it partnered with the different local government units including the Barangays.

“We are happy to announce that we have reached our 20,000 mark for our TDC scholarships for LTO 7. This significant achievement is so timely since October also marks our second year since we launched this program in the region,” said LTO 7 regional director Victor Emmanuel Caindec.

Based on the data of LTO 7 as of October 21, it has issued a total of 20,020 TDC certificates to individuals around Central Visayas.

“Our Malasakit On Wheels – ePatrol Mobile Service program was essential to this success given that we have reached the far-flung areas in the region including the mountain barangays,” added the regional director.


Just this week, around 500 slots were allocated to the LGU of Valencia in Bohol for their TDC seminar last October 19 and 20.

“We continue to serve our Boholanos as we have expanded and have given more allocations to LGUs like the one in Duero where we are allocating a thousand slots for two batches of TDC seminars set for next week,” said RD Caindec.

Earlier this month, 141 scholars also got their TDC certificates in Barangay Cogon Pardo in Cebu City.

“Again, owning a driver’s license is never a right, it is a privilege. Those who want to get it must be worthy and deserving. TDC is one step only and it is aimed at educating our future license owners on the basics of road safety and traffic rules,” RD Caindec reiterated.


Based on the TDC data of LTO 7, the program has reached an increase of 172% in scholarships distributed this year compared to last year.

From year to date, a total of 14,574 TDC certificates were released compared to the 5,342 TDC certificates in 2021.

The Regional Director revealed that LTO 7 has limited lecturers and resources but LGUs helped them in making sure that this program reached the grassroots level, “We thank our motivated team from LTO 7 especially our lecturers who were significant to this success and also our partnered LGUs.”/ PR