DashoContent Launches Beta Version for Longform Content Categories


Makati, Philippines. In a digital world where content is king, quality longform content for businesses can be hard to come by and frustrating to produce. DashoContent is changing that with the beta launch of their longform content categories as one of the content subscriptions on the platform.

Business owners and marketers don’t have to struggle to make content with DashoContent’s assistance. The company lives up to its name, giving those looking to increase their content pipeline or improve their content marketing a simplified way to create content. Thus, democratizing content creation for the small and medium businesses of today.

DashoContent is Asia’s First Content Subscription Platform

DashoContent is a pioneer in this field, being Asia’s First Content Subscription platform where brands enjoy a pay-as-you-go subscription. This company has simplified content creation, which could be complex since it is both an art and a science. Those wondering why their content never seems to resonate with their target audience need a content subscription platform that helps supercharge content creation for them.

Whether it’s a startup or a big organization, only professionals can truly understand what they need. Moreover, besides churning out quality content, DashoContent provides tools like AI-assistive prompts and a mediation platform to help brands monitor their success. For instance, the ROCI tool can help business owners and marketers measure the performance of all their marketing efforts. This means stakeholders can evaluate the returns of their digital or content marketing expenses with facts and data.

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\DASHOCONTENT\DashoContent - Asia's First Content Subscription Platform - PR.pngLaunch of the Longform Content Categories

Most recently, the team launched the BETA version for long-form content categories, making it easier to conceptualize and write longer pieces that are usually much tougher to create.

The beta launch of longform content categories is a response to the needs of their customers.

“We found that our customers were struggling to find quality and affordable longform content,” said DashoContent Founder & CEO, Fleire Castro. “There was a lot of  quality, short form content for social media out there, but not much in the way of quality longform content like SEO articles, blog posts, website copies, or product descriptions, and more.”

DashoContent at PH Startup Week

To help their customers navigate the world of content creation, DashoContent hosted a community event at the PH Startup Week called Content Creation Sucks: How to Weave Your Stories Through a Recession. The event was attended by 40+ people and featured a walk through of content creation, why it sucks, and how to value, measure, and solve it. It featured speakers that included Ms. Janette Toral, the Mother of Ecommerce in the PH, Ms. Nicolle Orcullo, a CPA and educator, and the DashoContent Executive Team, Fleire Castro, Ian Bert Tusil, and Charlene Virlouvet.

“The event was a great success,” said Castro. “We had some great conversations with our community members and got a lot of feedback on our platform.”

The beta launch of longform content categories is just the latest innovation from DashoContent. In addition to their content subscription platform, they also offer the DashoPlan content planner and soon, the DashoWork, a one-of-a-kind talent network.

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