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CITE Technical Institute and DTS: meet both industry and individual needs


Making the right choices in life is important to succeed in our careers. Some of our choices shape us to who we are in the future. At the Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE) Technical Institute, Inc., education does not only guarantee students gain adequate knowledge and practical skills but also address the job-skills mismatch which enhance their employability, thereby supports the industry.

Located in San Jose, Talamban, Cebu City, CITE was established in 1990 through the inspiration of the first prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, CITE aims to provide quality technical education to the less privileged youth in the Philippines. Currently managed by Executive Director, Engr. Ruben Laraya, CITE offers a 3-year diploma program in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Computer Engineering Technology, which prepares students to become skilled technologists that are in high demand by various industries.


With the Dual Training System or DTS, a unique feature of the program, CITE immerses students in the industry for one and a half years, with corresponding allowances for meal and transportation expenses. CITE also offers a support system for its students, including scholarships, mentoring, recollection, school clubs, and character development programs that nurture their academic and formative aspects.

Enacted into law by the Philippine government in 1994 though Republic Act 7686, the Dual Training System (DTS) aims to increase the TVET educational institutions’ responsiveness to the demands of the industry by combining in-plant training and in-school theoretical instructions.


CITE graduates are distinguished for their competence and work values, making them marketable in companies whose entry level requirements are at par with world-class standards. However, not all students have the means to enroll in CITE’s program. Many financially challenged families cannot afford the tuition fees and other expenses, which can be a barrier to their children’s education and future. This is where CITE’s scholarship program comes in.

The scholarship program provides financial assistance to deserving students who have the potential to excel in their chosen fields but lack the resources to do so. With the scholarship, students can pursue their dreams of becoming skilled technologists without worrying about the financial burden on their families. The program covers tuition fees, laboratory fees, and other expenses related to their studies.


Apply today and take the first step in meeting both industry needs (employment skills match) and individual needs (portable skills to move across the labor market and support lifelong learning).

To know more about CITE and its programs, visit www.cite.edu.ph