Seda Central Bloc Cebu Signs Sustainability Partnership with GUUN Co. Ltd.

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Seda Central Bloc Cebu continues sustainability efforts through a newly-signed agreement with Japanese waste management company, GUUN Co. Ltd.

GUUN Co. Ltd. segregates and recycles plastic and other solid waste into environmentally friendly fluff fuel. This type of fuel acts as a green substitute for coal in power plants, such as boiler facilities. As they achieve a recycling economy, they assist companies, like Seda Central Bloc Cebu, in the collection and processing of solid waste, as well as the reduction of landfill and ocean waste.

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Photo shows the two companies during the contract signing with Seda Central Bloc Cebu represented by Ron Manalang, General Manager, Jaynard Solante, Financial Controller, and Daryl Getubig, Human Resource Manager, and GUUN Co. Ltd., represented by Takeshi Konishi, Senior Managing Director, and Prettie Acop-Jalang, HR, Admin, and Marketing Officer.

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