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Titay’s Rosquillos: Celebrating a century-old Pasalubong favorite


“Pasalubong” is a well-known tradition for Filipinos. It is a well-thought gesture to bring something like a gift from the place where a certain visitor or a returning loved-one journeyed from.

In the heart of Liloan, Cebu, Titay’s Rosquillos, a celebrated Cebuano delicacy sprouted from the fertile soil of humble beginnings, just like many great ventures.

The year was 1907 when a young lady named Margarita Frasco, affectionately known as Titay of Liloan, embarked on a culinary journey within the confines of her own kitchen. With nothing more than common household ingredients—flour, eggs, and shortening—she concocted a secret recipe, one that would give birth to a treat beyond compare.


Titay’s generosity knew no bounds, and in a gesture of gratitude, she gifted a pair of these delectable delights with every bottle of soda purchased at her modest store. Little did she know that this simple act would ignite a culinary revolution, tantalizing the palates of her loyal patrons and even capturing the attention of the provincial governor of Cebu himself.


When asked about the name of her exquisite creation, Titay could only offer a humble shrug. It was the governor who, upon gazing upon these ring-shaped wonders, christened them “rosquillos”—a term inspired by their resemblance to elegant ringlets, adorned with a distinct central hole.


Such was the clamor for these newfound treasures that Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos and Delicacies Inc. emerged from the shadows. In 1963, Corazon, affectionately known as Mama Azon Frasco, assumed the reins of the business, ensuring that Titay’s Rosquillos remained accessible to locals and tourists alike.


What was once a pilgrimage to the northern reaches of Cebu to savor Titay’s famous rosquillos has evolved into a convenient indulgence, with these delectable treats now gracing the shelves of malls and supermarkets. The company, expanding its repertoire of delectables, has added an array of biscuits, breads, and pastries to their offerings.


Today, the fourth generation of the Frasco family steers the ship, their unwavering commitment to fortifying the Titay’s brand extending not only throughout Cebu but across the entire nation. The cherished recipe has been entrusted to the care of each generation, ensuring that the legacy lives on.


In recognition of this esteemed heritage, the municipality of Liloan has been celebrating the Rosquillos Festival since 2008—a testament to the enduring love for the biscuit and the enduring brand that brought it to life.

Over a century later, Titay’s ovens continue to churn out exquisite, artisanal treats, guided by the well-guarded recipe passed down from Lola Titay herself. The menu has expanded to include classics like otap, flaky hojaldres, anise-flavored galletas del carmen, thin and crisp galletas de bato, Spanish-style polvoron, and coconut-filled sinudlan.




Throughout its storied history, Titay’s Rosquillos has been honored with numerous entrepreneurship and leadership awards. Beyond being a recipe, it has become an enduring heritage—a symbol of tradition, craftsmanship, and the indomitable spirit of Filipino entrepreneurship.

To discover more about Titay’s exquisite delicacies, you can reach them at +63 32 268 2079 or send an email to sales@titays.com. Dive into a taste of history, and savor the legacy that is Titay’s Rosquillos.