Maya powers UP Cebu’s end-to-end payment ecosystem

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University of the Philippines – Cebu (UP-Cebu) students, faculty, and staff can now enjoy cashless convenience within its campus community — thanks to a cutting-edge identification card (ID) system powered by Maya, the country’s #1 digital banking app.

In addition to providing UP-Cebu members with IDs that can be linked to an all-in-one digital bank account, Maya is also equipping UP-Cebu and various on-campus and nearby merchants with QR and POS payment acceptance technology. This enables students and faculty to conveniently make purchases using their smartphones or their UP-Cebu ID cards.

Maya’s partnership with UP-Cebu focuses on launching an end-to-end cashless ecosystem that simplifies identification, empowers students, faculty, and staff to make secure and convenient payments using their smartphones or UP-Cebu ID cards across the campus, and promotes greater adoption of financial services.

UP-Cebu is the first educational institution in the Visayas region to adopt Maya’s state-of-the-art ID system and the first UP campus to embrace online payment and disbursement solutions.

Pete Cruz, Head of Enterprise at Maya, emphasized, “Maya’s unwavering dedication to enhancing daily life through technology extends to the realm of education—a bedrock of our society. Through our partnership with UP Cebu, we introduce digital banking and payment innovations that boost efficiency, security, and accessibility, benefiting students, professors, staff, and more.”

“UP Cebu’s collaboration with Maya marks a substantial leap forward in our financial transactions approach. It underscores our commitment to embracing pioneering technologies and solutions, propelling our institution toward continuous excellence,” said UP Cebu Chancellor Leo B. Malagar.

This advanced system empowers the UP Cebu community to effortlessly go cashless by simply scanning and using the Maya app on their smartphones or their Maya-powered UP ID cards. Students, faculty, and staff can also conveniently replenish their Maya accounts using TouchPay kiosks conveniently located on campus.

UP Cebu faculty and staff can enjoy the benefits of cashless disbursements along with the added convenience of salary-linked loan options. Furthermore, Maya account holders can choose to open their own savings account and access other services such as credit and investments.

The launch event was attended by UP-Cebu Chancellor Leo Malagar, Vice Chancellor for Administration Dr. Hazel A. Trapero, representatives from Maya, including Relationship Manager Christine Isip and Key Account Cluster Head, Ma. Christina Tagle, as well as Bu Lumaban, Manager and Head for Enterprise Strategic Solutions-Visayas at PLDT Inc.

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