Enchanted Holidays at Shangri-La Mactan: A Festive Escape into Tropical Paradise

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In the heart of paradise, Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu beckons you to enter a realm of enchantment, wonder, and fantasy. As the resort embraces the spirit of its resounding brand campaign, “Find Your Shangri-La,” a tapestry of captivating experiences awaits, inviting guests to discover their personal paradise within this tropical oasis.

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Season’s Christmas Hamper

In the radiant glow of the festive season, Shangri-La Mactan unveils its theme, “Enchanted Wonders.” It’s a celebration that transcends the ordinary, offering an extraordinary blend of culinary richness, spa serenity, and heartwarming festivities for you and your nearest and dearest— all delivered with the signature Shangri-La hospitality. The essence of “Find Your Shangri-La” comes to life, weaving a narrative of joyous celebrations, fine dining, and moments of serene escape.

A heartwarming collaboration with Special Education Students from Sto. Niño Mactan Montessori School takes center stage in this narrative. The “Gems of Giving: Painting with a Purpose” initiative unveils meticulously crafted sparkling keychains through the diamond painting method by these talented students, with each stroke narrating a story of hope and determination. For Php 200, guests are invited to partake in this purposeful cause by acquiring a sparkling keychain, with proceeds directed towards securing essential Montessori materials for children with special needs at the Stimulation Therapeutic Activity Center in Lapu-Lapu City for their learning and development. This keychain can serve as a treasured memento of your time at Shangri-La Mactan or be shared as a heartfelt souvenir with your loved ones.


Festive Goodies

This holiday, Shangri-La Mactan transforms into a culinary haven, enticing guests to savour a symphony of tastes and delights. Picture tables set against the backdrop of the ocean, laden with lavish gastronomic spreads that embody the spirit of the season. Whether it’s the Christmas and New Year buffets at Tides, the traditional Filipino Buffet at Buko Bar, seaside celebrations with platters and fresh grills at Cowrie Cove and Breeze Bar, or Italian specials for family gatherings, each culinary offering promises an exquisite holiday dining experience in both indoor and outdoor settings, amidst the breathtaking views that define Shangri-La Mactan’s tropical paradise.

The joy of giving extends with meticulously curated Christmas hampers, exclusively available at the Lobby Shop and Shangri-La Mactan’s E-Shop. Starting at Php 4,800, these hampers are a symphony for the senses, filled with delectable treats that embody the season’s spirit. Beyond mere gifts, they are moments of joy and shared warmth. Explore Shangri-La Mactan’s online shop, where a treasure trove of offerings awaits those seeking a perfect gift—from dining experiences to indulgent spa treatments—an exceptional way to extend the holiday spirit, with each gift carrying the essence of Shangri-La’s unmatched hospitality.


Festive Delights

Escape the bustling holiday rush and find solace in the sanctuary of Chi the Spa. Imagine a world where time slows, and the only focus is on rejuvenation. The Traditional Hilot massage, complemented by Ventosa and Gua Sha treatments, invites you on a journey into relaxation—a gift to oneself amidst the joyful chaos of the season. For the little ones, treat them to an array of daily Christmas fun activities and recreation starting December 15 onwards at the Adventure Zone. They can meet Santa and participate in the Holiday Fun Fair Game Booth for a memorable Christmas experience.

For those spending Christmas with us, expect a choir performance at the lobby, and for those staying through the New Year, the experience extends with the New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner at the Marquee and a Countdown Party by the Beachside on December 31—a grand celebration ushering in the possibilities of a new beginning.


Festive Cocktails

The enchanted holidays, woven with meticulous care, boundless generosity, and the magic that defines Shangri-La Mactan, transcend mere celebration. Each sparkling keychain, every feast shared, each moment of relaxation at Chi the Spa, and every memory made at our resort becomes a brushstroke in the canvas of enchantment that defines the holiday season at Shangri-La Mactan— an unrivaled haven where enchantment truly knows no bounds.

For additional details regarding our festive offers, please feel free to contact us at (63 32) 231 0288. Alternatively, you can conveniently explore more information by scanning the QR code provided below.