Indulge in a Decadent Journey from Cacao to Chocolate, Infused with Local Flavors.

Furama Singapore, in collaboration with The Chocolate Chamber, proudly presents an extraordinary 1565 Chocolate High-Tea on 13 December. Implore in a journey of the senses with the renowned Chocolate Queen, Ms. Raquel Toquero-Choa, Founder of The Chocolate Chamber as she shares passionately of the journey from cacao to chocolate.


Her delightful chocolate creations are inspired by her first-hand experiences and the cherished lessons passed down by her grandmother. This legacy includes the time-honored tradition of crafting ‘tablea’—pure cacao tablets—and enjoying ‘sikwate,’ a 100% pure cacao drink.

The partnership brings an adapted menu inspired by The Chocolate Chamber’s 1565 Chocolate High-Tea from Cebu Philippines, which highlights the infusion of the rich flavors of cacao and other treasures from the historic Acapulco-Manila Galleon trade. Served exclusively from 1521 to 1721 hours (3:21 pm to 5:21 pm), this unique time frame pays homage to a significant year in Philippine-Spanish history, adding a touch of historical richness to the delightful chocolate experience.

About 1565 Chocolate High-Tea: Discover the artistry of chocolate-making as it transforms from cacao beans to delectable treats. The chefs at Furama have artfully adapted The Chocolate Chamber’s iconic high-tea menu, infusing it with local elements such as Chilli Crab and Kaya Pandan Jam.


Event Highlights: Local Flair Meets Chocolate Elegance: Indulge in a uniquely curated high-tea menu that seamlessly blends the richness of chocolate with local flavors.

Chocolate Journey Exploration: Savor two exquisite hot chocolate flavors by Ms. Angelie Toquero Choa, Batidores and Chocolate Couturière of The Chocolate Chamber. Watch as she showcases the traditional use of the batidor/batirol — a centuries-old method for whisking up delectable hot chocolate — while sharing the profound cultural heritage of Mexico that surrounds this cherished practice.

Event Details:

Date: 13 December 13 2023

Time: 1521hrs – 1721hrs (3:21pm – 5:21pm)

Venue: Furama RiverFront, Waterfall Lounge


HE Ambassador Agustin Lopez-Garcia Loaeza with The Chocolate Queen Raquel Toquero-Choa and family

Menu Highlights:

● Garden Salad with Thousand Island Dressing Mixed Choco-Peanut Butter

● Cacao-Infused Buns with Smoked Salmon in Mayo-Cacao Granules Blend

● Lemon Scones Infused with Cacao Butter and Topped with Cacao Granules

● Savory Scones Mixed with Cacao Granules

● Choco-Peanut Butter Spread and Blended Pandan Kaya Jam and Cacao Granules

● Chilli Crab Tart with Cacao Granules

● Colorful Nyonya Kueh Lapis Grated with Cacao Mass

● Irresistible Choco Gustō Cookies

The Chocolate Chamber takes residence across Furama RiverFront and Furama City Centre featuring its hand-picked assortment of all-time favourites at The Provisions. From the exquisite Milky Dream Chocolate to the grandeur of Dark Royale Chocolate, and the delectable Choco Gustō Cookies, this collection guarantees a regal chocolate experience like no other.