Honda-Cebu launches programs on environmental stewardship, independent biz referral



CEBU CITY — Honda Cebu in partnership with the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) introduced and launched a pioneering environmental stewardship initiative dubbed as “Acre Movement” and its new “Independent Business Referral” (IBR) program.

“We already have released our Honda-CRV hybrid car and are eventually going towards full electric cars in the future.  We’re now in the middle of the hybrid model, starting with battery operated and when we go past that, it translates towards the use of electricity,” Carl Bryan Enerio, Honda Cars-Cebu branch manager told media in a huddle during the launching event on December 14, 2023 at the Honda Cars-Cebu office.



Enerio said that when it comes to environmental stewardship, it’s about eliminating the carbon (CO2) in the air and helping in the global campaign of environmental sustainability, specifically on the quality of air on the road.

With these in mind, Enerio bared that with the join forces of PRA and Honda Cars-Cebu, the Acre Movement is a pioneering initiative towards environmental stewardship, under the Acre Movement, every vehicle sold by Honda Cebu results in the planting of a tree, fostering a greener future for the Philippines.



“The innovative campaign, ‘1 Car Sold = 1 Tree Planted’, has already borne fruit, quite literally. This move not only benefits customers but also contributes to reducing carbon footprints and promoting eco-friendly driving practices. The collaborative efforts have yielded promising results, with more than 6,055 trees already planted as a direct result of vehicle sales as of December 1, 2023,” Enerio added.

He revealed that these more than 6,000 trees have been planted not just in the scenic locale of Busay but also in the heart of Manila, a nationwide commitment to sustainability. Enerio added that Honda Cars Cebu and PRA amplify their environmental impact by offering additional incentives for the purchase of hybrid cars.


Honda Cars-Cebu had sold 302 units in 2023, an evident ripple effect of the Acre Movement.  Join the drive towards a sustainable tomorrow—support this initiative that not only transforms lives but also contributes to preserving our planet for generations to come, Enerio said.

Enerio said Honda AC Motors in partnership with Ayala Land Inc., projects to plant and maintain around 7,500 seedlings within an exclusive land area in Alaminos, Laguna and Cebu City until the end of the year.

The company shall also engage in volunteering tree-planting and nurturing activities in support of Ayala Land’s initiative in caring and preserving the environment.


Honda’s Independent Business Referral (IBR) program

Honda Cars-Cebu is also introducing its new Independent Business Referral (IBR) program that is open to highly motivated individuals with a wide network and are willing to collaborate in marketing multiple vehicle brands under AC Motors.

According to Enerio, interested individuals must register now.  This is open to a channel to maximize an individual’s network by referring customers to AC Motors dealerships with an opportunity to earn on the side.


There are four Easy Steps to get engaged with the IBR program:

1: Interested individuals to enroll via official online form for accreditation at|TzS-bHWcOVWvnwbVi@Y5hRzoZ/rrSXTEHA/viewform

2: Upon confirmation of enrollment, accredited referrers can now send their leads through AC Motors official online lead form. XaDXivvqWiAVW7aTWEObODvAQ/viewform.

3: A Sales Consultant will handle the customer and release the unit. QR codes are available for interested parties to Scan here to register and also for referrers to Scan.

4: Once referral becomes successful, referrers shall be notified and receive incentives through bank deposit or check pickup.


Enerio bared that IBR incentives for successful referrals may vary depending on the Honda Car model purchased by the customers.  Honda Car models enrolled in the IBR program include the Brio S/V/RS BT; Brio RS, City V/RS/Hatchback; City S CVT/E CVT; Civic S and Civic V/RS; BRV S/V/VX; HRV S/V/RS and the CRV.



Enerio added that the partnership between Honda Cars-Cebu and the PRA showcases the Honda car technology with everyone and maybe they can share about the advantages of the Honda Car products in the world of automotive.

“And with the PRA partnership of course, we started with the leaders of the businesses to campaign because the main goal now is to resume businesses with corporate social responsibilities,” Enerio concluded.