New Ecoflo women underwear addresses feminine care, sustainability issues



CEBU CITY – EcoFlo, a new brand of women’s underwear founded and created by Leigh Carcel emerges as a solutions-oriented brand that addresses issues on sustainability and provides a compelling alternative in feminine care.

“While the concept of period underwear gains global momentum, the choices and awareness in the Philippines is limited, prompting EcoFlo to step in and bridge the gap.” Leigh said, in a media huddle in Cebu last December 14, 2023.




Leigh emphasized that pads and diapers can be bulky and uncomfortable. They are also not good for the environment.  Ecoflo not only addresses menstrual concerns but also incontinence issues, which are very normal for pregnant women and older women experiencing menopause.

Leigh said that more than just a brand, Ecoflo represents a movement of forward-thinking individuals seeking smart and sustainable solutions for a greener future. By amplifying conversations on intimate care, the brand seeks to normalize the realities around the female body, challenge preconceived notions of beauty and health, and inspire women to embrace their bodies – period, pee, perspiration, and all.

In 2019, Ecoflo Founder Leigh Carcel faced a life-altering spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Amid her journey to reclaim mobility, she encountered light urinary incontinence and the search for a solution led her to leak-proof, reusable underwear, proving to be a game-changer in her life.

Challenging statistics on environmental sustainability

According to a recent Plastic Polluters Study, did you know that the Philippines is currently the largest contributor to ocean plastic pollution worldwide? The country accounts for a staggering 36 percent of the world’s total plastic waste.


Of the overwhelming 350,000 tons of plastic that enters the oceans from the country’s shores alone, a significant portion comes from single-use, disposable napkins, tampons, and diapers.

“As empowered women, we hold the key to making a significant change in this alarming scenario,” Leigh said.

EcoFlo’s foundation rests on the pillars of quality, sustainability, style, and inclusivity. As a young brand committed to sustainable feminine care, Ecoflo is a complete replacement for feminine pads, tampons, and adult diapers, she added.

For its debut collection, Ecoflo introduces five distinct styles catering to various lifestyles, occasions, and body types. The designs prioritize a snug fit, all-day comfort, and ease of movement, empowering women to embrace their bodies confidently.


According to Carcel, beyond being leak-proof period underwear, Ecoflo strives to break the silence around taboo topics like menstruation, incontinence, and perspiration. Leigh emphasizes, “We want to normalize these difficult conversations.” Real-life stories from women who have tried EcoFlo add authenticity and relatability, showing the positive impact it has had on their lives.

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Today, Leigh shares this empowering solution, providing an alternative to single-use plastic and initiating conversations about challenging topics and bares EcoFlo’s value proposition:

EcoFlo is Reliable and Cost-effective: With products reusable over a hundred times, EcoFlo offers reliability and cost-effectiveness.

EcoFlo is Eco-friendly: One of the most significant advantages is reducing environmental impact and replacing pads and tampons that take 800 years to decompose in landfills.

EcoFlow has Style and Function: Leak-proof garments are designed to be comfortable and breathable without compromising on design and style.


EcoFlow is Mindful and Inclusive: Celebrating the beauty of all women, EcoFlo celebrates the uniqueness of every body type.

EcoFlow is Empowering Freedom: Normalizing the unmentionable, EcoFlo empowers those facing leaks and incontinence challenges to embrace their journey with pride and confidence.

EcoFlow is Un-trashing the Environment: Supporting charitable initiatives, EcoFlo partners with organizations like Haribon Philippines for Ocean clean-up.


Leigh enjoins all women to join in the movement towards sustainable feminine care – every small change counts. For more information about Ecoflo, visit and follow them on Instagram.