Yogi Ruiz Unveils #kuYOGI Mi ‘SPORTS FOR ALL’ Advocacy Program for the Cebuanos


Former regional director of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Yogi Filemon L. Ruiz bared plans for his sports advocacy program.

In a press conference with local media, Mr. Ruiz, also a former commissioner of the Bureau of Customs, presented his comprehensive plans  #kuYOGI Mi “SPORTS FOR ALL” Advocacy for a better Cebu City.

Ruiz sports advocacy program, which is set to kick off on March 2024, will engage various barangays in Cebu City with a particular emphasis on indoor sports.


Ruiz wants to promote a “sports for all” endeavor that caters to everyone including the marginalized sector of the society as well as in sporting fields that are given less support.

He believes in the high potential of Cebuanos to excel on the international stage.

“As a concerned citizen of the community and passionate sportsman, I see sports as a crucial element in nation-building. It fosters teamwork, humanity, brotherhood, and leadership qualities,” Ruiz emphasized.

Highlighting the manifold benefits of sports, he stressed its role in cultivating a healthy lifestyle, generating future job opportunities, and propelling individuals to greater heights.

Ruiz also emphasized the role of sports in keeping the youth away from negative influences, particularly drugs. Through sports, character is built, and values applicable to daily life are instilled, he said.


During the roundtable discussion, Ruiz also declared his intent to run for the Mayoral position in Cebu City.

His vision centers on contributing to the city’s welfare, protecting the youth, and offering public service, reflecting his humble beginnings as a waiter, granite salesman, and City Hall employee.

His 5-Point Program encompasses traffic control, waste disposal, peace and order, floods, and health services in the barangays.


Ruiz will formally announce his complete slate during the official launch of #kuYOGI Mi sports advocacy program.