The happy welcoming of the Chinese New Year is happening on February 10, closely followed by Valentine’s Day four days later. If you’re thinking about how to celebrate both love and luck this year, then you’re in for a treat.

You can easily get your favorite Asian-Chinese food fix (from dumplings and stir-fried dishes to roast meats) with a quick trip to your favorite mall, SM City Cebu.

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Lechon Macau from Majestic Chinese Cuisine

One should not miss the newly-opened Majestic Restaurant, a well-loved Chinese restaurant that takes pride in their deep history and loyal customers. Majestic also provides set menus for customers, making it easier to select dishes and stay within a budget. These menus include rice, soups, noodles, two main dishes, and dessert. Majestic Restaurant is located at the upper ground level.

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Crab Roe Siomai from Spice Fusion

Visit Spice Fusion, a homegrown restaurant specializing Southeast Asian Cuisine. Try their all-time favorite roti, mandarin chicken, steamed pompano, crab roe siomai, and so much more! The restaurant is located at the first level of The North Wing.

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Patotim from Mesa

Modern Filipino restaurant Mesa takes you to a whole new level of dining experience! The Mesa threefold advantage can be summed up as innovative yet traditional cuisine, genuine Filipino hospitality, and an exceptional dining experience highlighted by native accents all within the realm of affordable luxury. Make sure to include in your orders their specialties – crispchon, crispy pork belly, crispy duck, grilled liempo, and so much more! Mesa is located at the first level of The North Wing.

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Beef from Vikings Luxury Buffet

If you are in for a buffet, celebrate Chinese New Year at Vikings Luxury Buffet. Boasting the largest buffet areas found in the country, Vikings features a massive and elegantly themed structures. Indulge in mouth-watering cuisines from Asian to European dishes. Vikings is located at the 2nd level of The North Wing.

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Garlic Pork Rice Bowl from Botejyu

Japan’s premier specialty restaurant comes to SM City Cebu. At Botejyu, you get the best value for your Japanese food cravings. Choose from their delectable combination of best-selling menus. They serve the best tasting ramen, okonomiyaki, tempura, and teppanyaki. Botejyu is located at the upper ground level of the main mall.

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Marugame Udon

Satisfy your udon cravings at Marugame Udon! This restaurant is an innovative cafeteria style serving Japanse udon noodles. Every dish is made-to-order right in front of you! Marugame Udon is located at the upper ground level of the main mall.

SM City Cebu wishes their shoppers longevity, peace, and prosperity this Chinese New Year.