Fiber-powering Festivals: Converge harnesses fiber to uplift Filipino fiesta experiences


The Philippines thrives on its diverse festivals as a nation steeped in rich cultural heritage. These vibrant gatherings, locally known as fiestas, celebrate the county’s diverse traditions, reminding everyone of their shared values and identity.

While fiestas are a way to preserve cultural heritage, they have also evolved over the years because of technology. The internet, in particular, has given these gatherings a modern twist, connecting people to their roots in ways never done before.

Converge, the country’s leading fiber broadband and technology provider, has taken on the task of making these celebrations more fun and exciting through the power of high-speed and reliable internet.


Converge shared in the excitement during the celebration of the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio, featuring its float with the theme ‘the Fastest Internet in the Philippines awarded by Ookla.’ The float was decorated with purple Statice and yellow and green Radus.

With its robust infrastructure and world-class solutions, Converge has been working to enrich Filipino festivities by enabling people to experience the magic of these celebrations even if they cannot attend them in person.

Likewise, the company endeavors to make these occasions accessible to global audiences which helps attract foreign tourists to pay a visit and immerse themselves in the country’s unique culture.

“For our country to effectively present its rich cultures and traditions, a fast and stable internet connection is essential, especially in celebrating our enormous festivals. This will allow more people to enjoy the festivities, on-ground and online. Converge strives to bring these traditional celebrations to the next level to make the experience for both Filipinos and tourists joyful and memorable,” said Converge Chief Commercial Officer Benjamin Azada.


Proving why it is the most awarded internet service provider in the Philippines, Converge uplifts festivals by delivering faster and more stable internet, allowing organizers and the media to seamlessly share content to more audiences.

Just in January, the company spiced up Sinulog sa Sugbo by fiber-powering Cebu-based news outlets during their coverage of the province’s biggest and most popular festival. Among those who experienced the capabilities of a high-speed broadband connection was the Cebu City Public Information Office (PIO).

As street performers in colorful costumes danced in synchronized choreographies in honor of the Sto. Niño de Cebu, the city PIO delivered extensive coverage of the whole revelry, seamlessly sharing their content with a wider audience through social media.

“Because of technology, conducting live coverage has become increasingly sophisticated and efficient. With better internet services, we can give more reliable and high-quality live coverage. We can now capture and broadcast live events in real-time, reaching audiences all around the world. These technological advancements have revolutionized the way we consume and share our content,” said Cebu City Government Public Information Officer Estala Grace A. Rosit.

In a similar manner, a few weeks after the Sinulog, Converge also elevated to a new level of grandeur the observance of Chinese New Year in Manila.


Excitement and delight filled Binondo as crowds gathered to usher in the Year of the Wood Dragon. Converge added to the buzz, introducing its world-class services that empower households, businesses, and the entire nation.

Enabled by the fast and reliable connection, the Manila Public Information Office (PIO) flawlessly streamed its Chinese New Year countdown on Facebook, welcoming the Year of the Wood Dragon without a hitch.

The livestream, supported by a robust internet, ensured that the occasion was shared among the Filipino-Chinese community through showcasing online the city’s 12-minute pyro-musical display at the Binondo-Intramuros Bridge.

In the same month, taking off from the country’s summer capital, Converge also took part in the famed month-long annual flower festival in Baguio City, the Panagbenga Festival.

Converge proudly displayed its spectacular float with the theme, ‘the Fastest Internet in the Philippines awarded by Ookla.’ Its flower float was decorated with the purple of Statice and yellow and green Radus.

Converge FiberXers Coach Danny Ildefonso and nephew FiberXers guard BJ Andrade rode the float in style, amplifying the cheery atmosphere with their charisma.

With Converge as the trusted connectivity partner in the observance of Filipino celebrations, attendees can gain unforgettable experiences, allowing them to enjoy these festivals to the fullest.