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Ikebana International Cebu Chapter 145 marks its 54th anniversary with an exhibit titled “Beyond Blooms”


This year, Ikebana International Cebu Chapter 145 will mark its 54th anniversary with an exhibit titled “Beyond Blooms” scheduled for April 5 (7pm onwards), 6, and 7, 2024 at the CUBE Atrium, SM Seaside. The theme encourages ikebana artists to delve into the profound significance of flowers, transcending their visual-retinal beauty to promote peace and harmony. By exploring the deeper essence of flowers, the aim is to instill a sense of awakening in the viewers.


Last February 15, 2024, the Club  was invited by the Consul General of Japan to Cebu  to create a large ikebana arrangement to celebrate the 64th birthday of Emperor Naruhito (February 23, 1960)


On January 25, 2024 the Ikebana International Cebu Chapter 145 was invited by the Tokyo headquarters to participate in the Annual New Year Exhibit and luncheon at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo.

The history of Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement began about 564 years ago or in 1460 in Kyoto.  The art of “IKEBANA” was originally favored and developed by the people belonging to the castes of Samurai and peers, and the dominant style of the flower arrangement at that time was called “RIKKA”.


In their kimonos, the ladies, beguiled, sought to touch the fabric, their applause echoing like the soft rustle of petals in the breeze.

They also aspire to inspire more individuals to appreciate and contemplate Ikebana, fostering calmness, clarity, and true insight into beauty. Through their exploration of beauty “Beyond Blooms,” they seek to positively impact society, creating ripples that resonate beyond borders.

Hence, the public is encouraged to view the exhibit and join the free demonstration and workshop on April 6 (Saturday) and April 7 (Sunday) at 2pm, same venue.