Aventus Medical Care, Inc. joins Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Aventus Medical Care, Inc. recently joined the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

Maureen Mauricio-Licyayo, Manager-Visayas Marketing of Aventus Medical Care, Inc. explained the importance of becoming a CCCI member. “To grow our business, we recognize the value of having strong ties with other members from the different business industries.”

In business, strategic partnerships are essential for fostering growth, expanding networks, and gaining competitive advantage.

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Aventus Medical Care, Inc. Manager-Visayas Marketing Ms. Maureen Mauricio-Licyayo together with Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry Immediate Past President Mr. Charles Kenneth Co during the Meet & Match session held at Cebu Ocean Park

By strategically aligning with the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), Aventus leverages its membership not only to enhance healthcare access for employees of member companies but also to bolster Aventus’ marketing strategy.

By aligning with a respected institution dedicated to promoting economic growth and fostering business excellence, Aventus reinforces its standing as a trusted and reputable healthcare provider within the community. This association enhances brand visibility and instills confidence among consumers and corporate clients alike.

Becoming a member of the Cebu Chamber provides Aventus Medical Care, Inc. with a platform to connect with a diverse array of businesses, professionals, and industry leaders in Cebu. This access enables Aventus to showcase its services, educate potential clients about its offerings, and cultivate fruitful business relationships.

Aventus is also partnering with the Cebu Online News Press Corps (CONPC), a group of journalists, vloggers, bloggers, and content creators. This partnership is in recognition of the importance of media relations in the dissemination of information.

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Cebu Online News Press Corps founder Robby Mongaya Alugar shakes hands with Brand Partner Aventus Medical Care Inc. Manager-Visayas Marketing Ms. Maureen Mauricio-Licyayo

Through CONPC, Aventus can share updates on its services, thus effectively communicating its value proposition and reinforcing its position as a trusted healthcare provider in Cebu.

In Cebu City, Aventus Medical Care, Inc. has two clinics located at Level 3, Robinsons Cybergate, Don Gil Garcia & J. Llorente Sts., Capitol Site and at the 2F TGU Tower, Asiatown, IT Park, Apas.