Childlink Learning Center and High School holds musical play Kultura


Childlink Learning Center and High School recently held a musical play entitled KULTURA: A Celebration of the Eight Subcultures that Shaped the Filipino Nation.

Ms. Maria Theresa Tio, founder and school director of Childlink, explained that the holding of the musical play forms part of the school’s curriculum. Holding plays that feature students has been an annual tradition for the school. However, Childlink was unable to present the play in March 2020 due to the pandemic.


Ms. Maria Theresa Tio, founder and school director of Childlink

This year’s play talks about the evolution of Filipino culture. It aims to inculcate in the student’s sense of pride, love for the country and appreciation for the country’s culture.

Ms. Tio said that a collaboration with the Senior High School students University of Cebu Theatre Company through their artistic director, Alfie Mosqueda was forged. In the play, UC senior high students are featured as guest performers.

Kultura is a celebration of Filipino heritage and identity that showcases the richness and diversity of eight subcultures that have shaped the Filipino nation. From dances to music, the event also showed the school’s commitment to promoting cultural appreciation among its students through the music and arts.

Divided into two acts, “KULTURA” unfolded as a captivating narrative, with each subculture brought to life through presentations by selected students.


A collaboration with the University of Cebu Theater Dance Workshop for their dance of the deities and nature spirits


The culture of Mindanao was depicted by a Muslim dance performed by the High School students


Catholicism has become an important part of Filipino culture. Elementary students danced the Sinulog to show how Catholicism has brought many communities together.


The culture of Reflection and Reasoning was portrayed by the young elementary students in their dance, Harinawa.

Act 1 delved into the indigenous roots of Filipino culture, highlighting the deep reverence for nature and the spiritual connection with ancestral spirits.

Featured during the first act are four subcultures:

  • Harmony with the Deities, Creative Forces of Nature and Ancestral Spirits (Kultura ng Pagdidiwata)
  • Poetic Mysticism and Devotion to Islam ( Kultura ng Pag-uukir and Pag-uuma)
  • Devotion to the Patron Saint and Village Community ( Kultura ng Pamamanata), and,
  • Devotion to the Home and Family ( Kultura ng Pananahan)


The Childlink Orchestra played various songs of different genre. The orchestra was one of the highlights of the play.


Kindergarten students perform the Itik Itik dance to portray their devotion to their village community


The culture of Entertainment was depicted by a dance of the High School students entitled, Tayoý Magsayawan


Nursery students dance the Rosas Pandan to depict the importance of music and dancing to celebrate social festivities in village communities.


The Childlink Rondalla displayed their musical talent and discipline in their performances.

Transitioning into Act 2, “KULTURA” explored the evolving landscape of Filipino society, focusing on four other subcultures:

  • Reflection and Reasoning ( Kultura ng Paglilining and Pangangatwiran);
  • Culture of Entertainment ( Kultura ng Pag-aaliw);
  • Culture of Social Criticism, Concern, Protest ( Kultura ng Pamumuna at Pagtutol), and
  • Devotion to the Nation and Being Filipino ( Kultura ng Pagka-Filipino and Pagkabansa)


The Childlink Choir did the official opening of Kultura.


The violin players are part of the Childlink orchestra.

The two-act play was presented at the Guang Ming Theater, Chu Un Temple on March 23, 2025, Saturday at 4 p.m.