MCIA adopts the silent airport concepts



LAPULAPU CITY – The Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) joins airports around the world by adopting the “Silent Airport” concept that aims to reduce or eliminate noise levels by minimizing or completely eliminating non-essential announcements within the airport.

“MCIA is going SILENT.  All the best airports in the world are going silent. Let’s work together to create a tranquil airport experience, reducing unnecessary announcements for a more peaceful trip for all travelers.  Your cooperation makes all the difference,” MCIA Facebook page posts read.

The core of the “Silent Airport” concept is the reduction or elimination of announcements, reserving them only for emergency cases or situations that truly warrant them, creating a more comfortable and less stressful atmosphere for passengers.

Dubai airports for example, have adopted this concept and now limit the announcements to emergency situations, such as lost and found children.  Boarding announcements, flight delays, and general messages are at some airports completely eliminated.

According to MCIA, its goal to adopt the “Silent Airport” concept is to cut down on announcements over loud speakers.  “We’re going to take it slow. We’re all about making sure your vacation kicks off right at the airport, so we’re going to keep those noisy announcements to a minimum.”

MCIA said that it makes sure its screens and electronic signs are always on point, so travelers are never left wondering about flight details.  To fully embrace the shift to a ‘Silent Airport’, MCIA asks all travelers/passengers to cooperate with this endeavor.  It issued tips to assist passengers in adapting smoothly to this new environment.

1.    Check-In Online. Use the airline’s online check-in option to get your boarding pass ready on your phone or print it out beforehand. This helps you avoid needing help at the airport.

2.    Arrive Early. Give yourself ample time at the airport to familiarize yourself with the layout, find your departure gate, and handle any unexpected delays calmly.

3.    Monitor Flight Information. Keep an eye on the flight information displays scattered throughout the airport. They’ll provide essential details like departure times, gate numbers, and any flight updates.

4.  Set Up Mobile Alerts. Download the airline’s mobile app and enable notifications for real-time updates on your flight status, gate changes, and delays. Some airlines will also send real-time updates to ensure you stay informed directly on your device.

5.    Follow Staff Instructions. Don’t hesitate to approach airport or airline staff if you need help or have questions. They’re there to guide you and ensure you’re on the right track to catch your flight.

“We’re dedicated to maintaining world-class standards in passenger experience. While this transition may require some adjustment, rest assured we’ll strive to make the journey as seamless as possible,” MCIA management said.

Any questions or concerns about the shift towards becoming a silent airport, reach out to the MCIA Facebook or via email at