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Hong Kong China Team Secures Decisive Victory at PIMSO International Math & Science Finals 2023-24

pimso medal tables

Table 1: Gold Medal Standings Among Teams

This table displays the rankings of teams based on the number of gold medals won at PIMSO 2023-24. It lists each team along with their count and share of gold medals, highlighting their relative success in the competition.

Table 2: Hong Kong China Team’s Medal History

The second table charts the Hong Kong China Team’s medal tally over recent PIMSO competitions, detailing the distribution of gold, silver, and bronze medals by year. This visualizes the team’s performance trends and notable achievements.

Young geniuses from Hong Kong achieve a landmark win and garner a substantial collection of gold medals in a renowned global contest

HONG KONG – Demonstrating unparalleled academic prowess, the Hong Kong China Team has achieved first place at the PIMSO International Math & Science Finals 2023-24. The competition was hosted at Solea Resort from April 5th to 8th, cementing Hong Kong’s status as a premier global educational hub.

Stellar Performance Leads to Extensive Gold Medal Collection

The team excelled, capturing gold in 60% of the mathematics contests, outperforming historically dominant countries and establishing a new high standard for future competitions. Their performance earned them a second-place finish in the overall competition for gold medals, illustrating their skill and commitment.

Forward-Looking Strategy from the Hong Kong China’s Coach

Looking ahead, Dr. K.H. Lee, the team’s coach, stated, “As we prepare for the August’s SIMSO Final in Bangkok, we are aware of the increasing level of competition. Our team is dedicated to a rigorous preparation strategy to tackle upcoming challenges effectively.”

Sky Ho Tsz Hang: Dual World Champion in Math and Science

Among the standout performers was 7th grader Sky Ho Tsz Hang, who triumphed in the 8th-grade mathematics category, securing his position as a dual world champion. His victories are a major boost for Hong Kong’s stronghold in the academic fields of math and science.

Sky reflected on his preparation, saying, “Winning this award validates my skills and dedication to math. Extensive practice sessions, including overnight studies before competitions, have been crucial. I am thankful to my mother, Lam Lui, for her tremendous support during this journey.”

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Sky Ho Tsz Hang and his mother are photographed at Hong Kong International Airport, celebrating his dual world championship wins in science and math at PIMSO 2023-24, with trophies in hand amidst a bustling crowd.

Ella Cheng Yin Tai: Reflecting on Mathematical Success

Ella Cheng Yin Tai, another world champion from Hong Kong, emphasized the importance of enjoying the learning process. “I treat mathematics more like a leisure activity, which helps in maintaining a relaxed and positive mindset during competitions,” she noted.

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Ella, the Math World Champion at PIMSO 2023-24, and Robert Fordan, President of I.C.E., are seen together at the award ceremony, with Ella holding her trophy and Robert presenting a certificate on a decorated stage.

Outstanding First-Time Achievements at PIMSO International Finals

Abram and Don Celebrate Major Wins

In an impressive first appearance at the PIMSO International Finals, young scholars Abram J Yiu and Don Ng Sheung Tung have achieved remarkable success. Abram, a 4th grader, secured gold medals in both the Math and Science categories, earning the prestigious PIMSOLVER award. Meanwhile, Don Ng Sheung Tung, a 3rd grader, achieved the position of world 1st runner-up in the Math category. Both students displayed exceptional dedication and hard work, focusing intently on their goals throughout the competition. Their rigorous preparation and determination paid off spectacularly, allowing them to outshine in their respective categories and make a significant mark in their first international competition.

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(From left) Abram, Don, Ella, and Sky proudly display their trophies while posing together for a photo, each showcasing their achievements from the competition.

Honoring the PIMSOLVER Awardees

The event also celebrated the achievements of four students who excelled in both Math and Science, receiving the prestigious “PIMSOLVER AWARD.” Kolson Mak Wai Hang, a 6th-grade student, also awarded “WORLD STAR AWARD” in PIMSO International Final, commented, “Winning the Pimsolver award marks a significant milestone. It underscores the importance of STEM in everyday life and the role it will play in future societal development.”

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Kolson, holding both the WORLD STAR and PIMSOLVER awards, proudly displays his trophies at Hong Kong International Airport, with the Hong Kong China flag prominently featured in the background.

Insights from a First-Time Gold Medalist

First-time participant Lo Shing Wang from Grade 2 shared his strategy for success: “I am grateful to IERC (Hong Kong China Team’s responsible organization with PIMSO International Final) for assisting in this event. Success in these competitions comes from rigorous practice and actively seeking help to overcome difficulties.”

The achievements of the Hong Kong China Team at the PIMSO International Finals not only represent a triumph for the team but also inspire countless students across Hong Kong, showcasing the extraordinary capabilities and intellectual strength of the region’s young scholars.