Be an advocate for the planet, own a Honda car and enjoy top-tier services

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CEBU CITY – Owning a Honda Car, whether it is the standard, hybrid or electric, means you are one with the company as an advocate for environmental stewardship, worry-free and top-tier after sales services and more personalized and interactive assistance with free extended warranty under its ACMobility branding.

“One of the benefits of owning a Honda car is its top-tier after sales service firsthand with personalized and interactive assistance from our service technician or advisor dubbed as Open Workshop by ACMobility,” Honda Cars VisMin/Cebu branch manager, Carl Bryan Enerio told members of the Cebu Online Press Corps (CONPC), in partnership briefing in March this year.

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Enerio said that this ACMobility-Honda Cars is described as ‘Swift’ repair implementation through on-site approval and with exclusive diagnostic tools reserved for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands to ensure all Honda vehicles receive the best care possible.

Enerio explained that Honda Cars ACMobility is the first Honda Car dealership in the country that was established in 1991. It positioned Honda Cars ACMobility as an aggressive and dynamic player in the automotive dealership industry, setting competition to a higher gear.

“We have the largest service network of highly trained, award-winning certified technicians and service advisors nationwide to provide professional service tailored to your vehicle needs,” He bared.

Honda Cars ACMobility has Free Extended Warranty for worry-free ownership elevating the clients’ peace of mind beyond the ordinary. Enerio assured its clients that their car investments with Honda are safeguarded with unmatched coverage and support.

Enerio enjoins its Honda Cars AC Mobility dealers, partners and clients to participate in its planting a tree for every Honda vehicle sold under its “ACRE Movement: A Gift of Tree” program.

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Join Honda Cars ACMobility in driving towards a sustainable future. Honda Cars-ACMobility of the Ayala Corporation embarked on a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly “ACRE Movement: A Gift of Tree” program in July 2023 to provide solutions to climate change and sustainability being a player in the automotive distribution and in power generation in the Philippines.

Jaime Alfonso Zobel de Ayala, in a media interview posted on the company’s Facebook page acknowledged that the transport sector has been among the major contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, and that Ayala Corp needs to do something concrete to address this.

Thus, “ACRE Movement: A Gift of Tree” program. The principle behind the program is that one tree is planted for every Honda vehicle sold from any of the 10 dealerships nationwide making every buying customer a participant of the program as an environmental advocate to lessen air pollution and contribute to climate change solution and mitigation.

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Enerio said that “ACRE Movement: A Gift of Tree” program aimed to plant 7,500 endemic and endangered trees like Narra, Kamagong, Kalumpang, Banaba, Hauili, and Tagpong-gubat by the end of 2023 at the Ayala Land Carbon Forest in Alaminos, Laguna and at the Kan-Irag Nature Park in Cebu. “Total goal for 2024 is to plant 10,000 of these kinds of trees. As of March 31, 2024, Honda has planted 8,013 trees with 6,280 trees in Metro Manila and 1,733 trees in the Visayas/Mindanao area,” Enerio added.

The innovative campaign, ‘1 Car Sold = 1 Tree Planted’, has already gained so much support from Honda clients here in Cebu. Enerio added that Honda Cebu as of March 31 this year has already planted 306 more trees equivalent to the cars sold during that period within the Visayas-Mindanao regions.

According to Enerio, when it comes to environmental stewardship, it’s about eliminating the carbon (CO2) in the air and help in the global campaign of environmental sustainability, specifically on the quality of air on the road.

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“We have released our Honda-CRV hybrid car and eventually going towards full electric cars in the future. We’re now in the middle of the hybrid model, starting with battery operated and when we go past that, it translates towards the use of electricity,” he added.

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To entice clients to join the company in its “ACRE Movement” program, ACMobility Honda Cars-Cebu hold promotional campaigns such open house for big discounts, interactive workshops with topics on motoring and the like.

Honda Cars Cebu has an ongoing fire sale open house up to the end of April 2024 at its showroom at A.Soriano Avenue, NRA, Cebu City where huge promotional discounts are available for the CITY and BRV models.

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“Honda Cars-Cebu is giving up to P130,000 cash discount or zero down payment for the CITY model and for the BRV, Honda is giving up to P180,000 discounts. I hope everybody can visit our showroom to avail of our special packages for our clients,” Honda Cars-Cebu general sales manager Nickson Garcia shared.

Garcia calls on everyone and those who want to have a test drive, to visit Honda Cars Cebu at A. Soriano Ave., NRA, Cebu City. “We’re willing to let you experience all our Demo units, particularly CITY and BRV,” Garcia added.

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The Honda BRV and CITY models are fitting for all daily drives. The fire sale open house at Honda Cars is to empower and further mobilize Cebuanos through these safe and efficient vehicle models. Beyond the upfront costs–car ownership is about safety, utility, efficiency, and the real price of owning a car, Enerio said.

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