PADAYON CEBU: CBM 2024 – Inspiring Entrepreneurs, Fostering Collaboration, and Catalyzing Growth


For over 28 years, the Cebu Business Month (CBM) has remained a dynamic hub and launching pad for entrepreneurs and business leaders in Cebu – fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and showcasing opportunities for development. CBM plays a vital role in empowering micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to thrive in Cebu’s competitive landscape, with a focus on enhancing business growth and economic development.

Spearheaded by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), CBM is a testament of Cebu’s journey toward global competitiveness. It has evolved from “Cebu Business Day” in 1991 to “Cebu Business Week,” eventually gaining national recognition in 1996 when then President Fidel V. Ramos declared June as “Cebu Business Month” through Presidential Proclamation No. 748.

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CBM 2024 aims to create a seamless framework across diverse sectors. This emphasizes collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive progress in Cebu’s economic landscape, while leveraging on the key leadership agenda of CCCI to promote the “Invest Cebu, Prosper in Paradise” brand.

Under the theme “Padayon Cebu”, CBM 2024 is set to return to its foundational principles and highlight the core values of inspiring entrepreneurs, gearing toward synergy and sustainable growth. Thematic programs on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, Digital Transformation and Technology, and Networking, Collaboration, and Partnerships will provide a comprehensive platform for stakeholders to establish meaningful connections. These will serve as opportunities to engage and exchange ideas for a robust, interconnected business ecosystem.


Strategically integrating partners into significant CBM events such as the Food & Wine Festival, PhilConstruct Visayas, Palarong Pambansa, Christmas Bazaar, Sinulog Festival, and more will create a lasting impact throughout the year that benefit all stakeholders beyond the month-long celebration.

For CBM 2024, this year’s lineup of events promises to redefine the trajectory of Cebu’s business landscape through its various platforms for innovation, collaboration, and growth.


Kicking off with a bang on April 25, the CBM 2024 LAUNCHING & PRESS CONFERENCE heralds the beginning of a month-long celebration on the entrepreneurial spirit. Not only does it spark public excitement, it also forges vital partnerships with key sponsors and lays the groundwork for a transformative journey ahead.

The GRAND OPENING SALVO on May 24 promises to be an unforgettable affair as Cebu unveils a host of new initiatives and projects, all poised to transform the business landscape. This captures the attention of key stakeholders and media outlets, ensuring widespread coverage of CBM 2024’s endeavors.


June 13 marks the highly anticipated “GOOD DESIGN. GOOD BUSINESS SUMMIT” a multi-disciplinary and cross sectoral approach that will tackle the aspects to improve customer experience therefore drive business performance. It will tackle 3 main sectors namely – hospitality, retail and service with industry experts who will talk about brand strategy, digital strategy, and physical design. The summit hopes to attempt to create a holistic view that good design and strategy results to good business.


On June 20, “PADAYON CEBU: Enabling Cebu’s competitiveness through Digital Transformation and Innovation Forum” will delve into the transformative potential of digitalization in streamlining business operations and building future-proof infrastructure.

Cebu’s top CEOs will gather for “Captains of Industry: A CEO Networking Night” on June 26, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in a dynamic setting.


“PADAYON CEBU: A SUMMIT TO INSPIRE, PROMOTE & GROW MSMEs” on June 26-27, is designed to inspire, promote and grow MSMEs by addressing their unique challenges through insights, success stories and innovative solutions coming from industry leaders, startups and experts and policy makers.

CBM continues to champion Cebu and position it as an investment gateway in Asia Pacific. The solutions expo for growth set on July 12-13, “Empowering Cebu’s MSMEs”, will provide MSMEs with access to essential resources and solutions tailored to their needs, ensuring inclusive growth and prosperity for all.



July shines a spotlight on Cebu’s prowess in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions sector with its MICE Forum. It is designed for industry leaders to converge and explore opportunities that set the stage for enhanced economic growth and development.


The CBM 2024 Working Team is committed to driving the success of this year’s festivities, led by CBM Overall Chairman and VP for Cebu Business Mobilization, Mr. Regan King, CBM Vice Chairman Anton Perdices, Kent Dela Calzada, and CCCI President Jay Yuvallos, together with esteemed committee chairpersons and industry leaders. The team brings forth diverse expertise to ensure the impactful execution of CBM 2024, particularly on networking, partnerships, branding, communications, and entrepreneurship.

CCCI envisions to start the movement this year of making the Cebu Business Month a business festival where everyone will converge in Cebu to celebrate business by inspiring and promoting each other to grow together.

In conjunction with the initiatives of the Cebu Chamber, CBM 2024 pledges a value-driven approach moving forward to align with the collective aspirations of esteemed members, stakeholders, and partners. This commitment to a unified endeavor is encapsulated in the resounding battle cry – PADAYON CEBU.


For more information and inquiries, please feel free to contact CCCI at 232-1421 or via email at info@cebuchamber.org; cbm@cebuchamber.org . You can also visit the official CBM Facebook Page for updates and details.