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K-Culture Next Door: 2024 Korea Festival Brings the Best of Korea to Cebu!

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The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) is thrilled to announce that “K-Culture Next Door: 2024 Korea Festival” is coming to Cebu! Join us at SM Seaside City Cebu, Mountain Wing Atrium on June 15-16 from 10 AM-8 PM and at the Sky Hall of SM Seaside City Cebu on June 15 from 2PM-3:30 PM for the opening ceremony.

This exciting and FREE 2-day event offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Korean culture. As we continue to celebrate 75 years of friendship between Korea and the Philippines, the theme “K-Culture Next Door” signifies the close bond between our nations. Like neighbors, who are just a ‘doorbell’ away, Korea and the Philippines have influenced and supported each other through cultural exchange and interactions over the years.

‘Next Door’ Performance

This year’s Korea Festival is not just a platform for cultural exchange and performances, but this year also celebrates the friendship between two island cities – Jeju and Cebu. This is why we are proud to bring Jeju Island’s unique history, culture, and traditions, which will be highlighted by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Dance Company at the festival’s opening ceremony, held at Sky Hall on June 15 at 2:00 PM.

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The dance company, established in 1989, acts as the ‘cultural envoy’ of the island which widely showcases Jeju’s repertoire of works that utilize the island’s distinct cultural and historical characteristics. With performances around the world, from the United States, down to Africa, and different parts of Asia, the Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Dance Company has led many diplomatic ties and cultural celebrations.

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To further celebrate the friendship between these distinct islands, a traditional performance showcase from the University of Cebu Dance Company, renowned for winning the “Best Folkloric Dance Troupe” at the 2012 Korean World Travel Fair and Expo, will also be shown.

But the performances don’t stop there! With traditional performances come modern dances! K-Tigers, Korea’s pop taekwondo group with over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, will show us an exhilarating K-fusion taekwondo performance alongside, a K-pop cover dance competition, “Everyone’s KPOP: Cebu,” which intends to spotlight Cebuanos dancing prowess.

‘Next Door’ Experience

Experience the richness of Korea right at your doorstep!

This year’s festival, supported by various Korean government agencies and corporations, will feature traditional elements such as Hangeul (alphabet), Hanbok (costume), and Jeontongnori (traditional games), as well as contemporary experiences including free Korean food tasting! Our corporate partners include Hyundai Motor Philippines, Inc., showcasing their latest vehicle, and AMOREPACIFIC Philippines, bringing top-notch K-beauty products.

Together with the Korea Tourism Organization-Manila Office (KTO), the Jeju Tourism Organization, and the Korea Copyright Protection Agency Manila Representative Office (KCOPA) this festival will truly bring a slice of Korea to Cebu!

With the collaboration of local partners such as SM Supermalls and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), we are excited to bring the full cultural experience to you for FREE!

Don’t miss the fun and experience K-culture right next to you! Join us at the 2-day festival and be part of this remarkable cultural exchange.