Cebu Chamber espouses collaborations and partnerships in promoting Cebu as investment destination

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Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) President Jay Yuvallos calls for support from and collaboration with industry captains and various organizations to promote Cebu as an investment destination.

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Yuvallos made this statement during the recent general membership meeting when the turnover and induction of Officers, Trustees, and Members were held at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Cognizant on the Chamber’s vision as engine of Cebu’s business growth, Pres Jay underscored the commitment to boosting Cebu’s economy through deliberate partnerships and purposive collaborations among and within the members companies, fostering synergy with various groups, sub-cultures and communities for a globally competitive Cebu and its people.

“At the heart of our Chamber is the belief in the transformative power of collaboration. Steadfast is our commitment with a clear vision to be the engine of Cebu’s business growth towards global competitiveness through advocacy, strategic linkages, and fostering synergy. We are dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of our members and even beyond, propelling Cebu and its people into the global economy,” he said.

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The current CCCI board has adopted a leadership agenda: LEAD, he said. “This agenda reflects the chamber’s mission and vision, which is clear to address the challenges we face and will continue to face as business leaders”.

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The “L” refers to launching the Cebu brand ‘Invest in Cebu: Prosper in Paradise’ in June. This brand was decided after a series of consultations with branding experts and focus group discussions and interviews of various industry players and line agencies, the CCCI president explained.

E refers to the engaging the whole community on a deeper level to ensure that every member’s voice is heard and value, fostering an inclusive environment for dialog and collaboration. Engagement is key,” he said. “A’ refers to active partnerships and ‘D’ means focusing on developing an innovative and creative culture in all business sectors and sub-sectors to add value through out-of-the-box thinking, embracing new ideas, overcoming challenges, and seizing opportunities.

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The Cebu Chamber also plans to create legacy projects such as a showroom for small and medium businesses and the Cebu Investment Development Concierge Center (CIDCC). The proposed SME showroom will be set up at the Ground Floor of the Cebu Chamber Centre, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.

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Meanwhile, Immediate Past President Charles Kenneth Co expressed profound gratitude for the unwavering support and steadfast dedication of our esteemed members, invaluable partners, and the entire CCCI team.

“Together, we have forged a path towards remarkable progress, laying the foundation for a future brimming with promise and prosperity for Cebu post-pandemic,” Mr. Co said.

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He also cited various achievements during his term as CCCI president such as the flagship project: Cebu Business Mobilization (CBM) 2023.

“Under the vibrant theme “Cebu ‘ta Bai! Moving Forward, Shaping the Future,” showcased our strengths in tourism, entrepreneurship, creative entertainment, and ICT-BPM,” Mr. Co said.

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Senator Raffy Tulfo, who inducted into office the new set of Cebu Chamber Officers and Board of Trustees, recognized the chamber’s collaborative, competitive, compassionate and inclusive characteristics in making Cebu’s economy thrive and prosper.

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Since its inception in 1903, CCCI has seen Cebu through everything, from change of colonizers to wars, calamities, political revolutions, and a pandemic, Senator Tulfo said. He added that CCCI helped Cebuanos overcome various challenges by providing an ecosystem for economic growth and development.

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“This includes a good working relationship with government agencies. CCCI kept the lines open with crucial government agencies and local government units that can address your concerns,” the senator pointed out.

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A Meet and Match with Members session was also organized an hour before the GMM as avenue for networking and identify business opportunities for companies with similar interests, expand knowledge and professionalism and establish relationships with fellow business leaders and organizations.