Unveiling the Tatak CPMS brand: Nurturing Beyond Academics

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In education, academic excellence often takes center stage. The Children’s Paradise Montessori School (CPMS) marks a significant milestone in its holistic education journey with its TATAK CPMS branding.

At CPMS, the focus extends beyond academics. Yes, children learn the basics but also delve into practical daily living skills, time management, independence, teamwork, critical thinking, and decision-making. They participate in choir performances, musicals, plays, and playing musical instruments, honing their creativity, collaboration, and adaptability.

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Reyden Bathan, the CPMS Rondalla Director, with 60 elementary students mesmerized the audience with the harmony and liveliness of their music.

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Children’s Paradise Montessori Choir, trained by Maestro Dennis Gregory Sugarol, captivated the audience with their charm and angelic voices with Jelyn R. Budomo, conductor, John Manatad, keyboardist, and Emm Louee Luna, percussionist.

The CPMS holistic approach also focuses on practical application, providing a different motivation for the students, explained CPMS President Marivic Bathan. CPMS is preparing the children for the future through a holistic approach: an experiential, hands-on, multi-sensorial, child-centered, self-directed, developmental approach, she added.

Ms. Bathan said the school launched the new branding during a recital dubbed Tatak CPMS: The Hakuna Matata Journey to showcase the creative skills and talents the students developed and honed, to recognize and celebrate those students, employees, teachers, and administrative staff who embody the core values of the school, and thank the parent volunteers who have significantly contributed to the positive impact on the entire CPMS community throughout the school year.

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CPMS President Ms. Marivic Bathan

“It is not merely a performance. It’s a celebration of the process, the Hakuna Matata journey each member of the CPMS community undertakes throughout the year. It’s about recognizing the progress and growth of each student, parent, family, employee, consultant, and partner through the rich, varied, relevant, minor, and major encounters and experiences in CPMS. This is how we are propelling to becoming a CREATIVE INTENTIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITY,” she pointed out.

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The encounter of mermaids and pirates is a scene from an original short play creatively written and put into action by the collaboration of Lower and Upper Elementary students, coached by Everild Catugal, CPMS Performing Arts teacher.

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The Forest, an original short play by a group of students from Grades 1 to 6, had a moral lesson of taking care of the environment.

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Upper Elementary Arnis Group as warriors proudly shows their stances in a common beat

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Lower Elemantary Arnis group showcases the stances that they have learned.

The performances include plays, choir singing, Rondalla, Arnis, and a cultural dance. During the preparation for the recital, students applied the knowledge and skills from school. It is in providing them opportunities like this that they further learn time management, dealing with pressure, and collaboration with schoolmates and teachers, Ms. Bathan said.

The significance of this journey goes beyond the stage. It allows children to shine, discover their potential, and develop essential life skills. Through practices, challenges, and unwavering support, they become confident and responsible individuals ready to face the world.

Through Tatak CPMS, the school showcases the essence of holistic education. It’s about preparing children for the complexities and ambiguities of the 21st century—building emotional intelligence, resilience, and grit.

What sets CPMS apart is its commitment to inclusivity. Children of diverse needs are given equal opportunities to participate, contribute, and excel. The school’s philosophy revolves around nurturing intrinsic motivation, cultivating natural interests, and fostering a sense of accomplishment beyond mere medals or accolades.

Ms. Catherine Cusi, who has a child enrolled at CPMS expressed appreciation for the school’s holistic approach to education. She also welcomed the holding of the recital.

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CPMS Parent – Ms. Catherine Cusi

“The recital, which is entitled Hakuna Matata, is a strong expression of the creativity of Montessori education,” Ms. Cusi said. “I’ve been with this school since 2013, and through the years, it established its core values, its I-CREATE principles. And I’m fortunate and grateful for Teacher Maribeth, for the CPMH team,” Ms. Cusi said.

She added that all the children were given freedom in creativity, in expression, and arts. “I strongly believe that, through the strong foundation, they could express their thoughts and feelings. The Montessori education has equipped and prepared the youth for a better future” Ms. Cusi said.

CPMS also presented awards to students, employee circle officers, parent volunteers, and service awardees.


Jackelyn A. Fajardo, CPMS Employee of the Year Awardee, is recognized by Marivic E. Bathan, CPMS President, Vicente Y. Bathan, BOD Chairman, and Atty. Alicia E. Bathan, Legal Counsel.

The Employee of the Year award was given to Teacher Jackelyn Alfar-Fajardo, the CPMS Montessori Inclusion Director. She is honored and celebrated for her exceptional dedication, profound impact, and unwavering commitment to the school community.

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19 CPMS students from Grades 3 to 6 were applauded for an excellent participation in the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) Online Conference in May 2024 together with their reliable and empowering teacher-coaches, Dr. Maria Isolde Tanjay and Alliah Mae Moran.

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CPMS Employee Circle Officers, President Irish Joy Y. Fernandez, VP Justine M. Albarico, Secretary Lance Patrick S. Manhilot, Treasurer Merl Beatrice B. Jamen, PROs Alyza Mae L. Delos Reyes and Hernane Carillas, were recognized for their leadership and dedication in promoting the well-being of all CPMS employees.

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CPMS Parent-Volunteers were honored for their generous and genuine service during the 2023-2024 school year.

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Marivic E. Bathan, CPMS President, expressed her heartfelt thank you to the entire CPMS Tribe for their dedication and hard work which made the launch of TATAK CPMS a great success.

The TATAK CPMS Awards were also given to ICREATE Awardees, EXCELLENCE Awardees, Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) delegates, and CULTURE BUILDERS.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Bathan explained the significance of Tatak CPMS. “The impact of TATAK CPMS: The Hakuna Matata Journey has been profound and transformative. We have seen our children—and even the adults—grow in self-efficacy and self-confidence.”

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SURPRISE finale to the beat of Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas was performed by the CPMS team of teachers, parents, admin personnel, and administrators.

She added that this collective journey enriched lives and strengthened the community spirit.

“By complementing and contributing to each other, we have achieved greater learning and growth. CPMS is evolving into a vibrant, creative, and intentional learning community. Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days—let’s continue this journey with joy and confidence. Let’s carry this fulfillment, joy, and gratitude forward.”