Magna CMGN features innovative products. services at PhilConstruct Visayas


Engaged in trading in 2003 by importing raw materials and components, Magna CMGN Solutions Inc. has since transitioned into a manufacturing, construction, and design company.


“Innovation is important. You have to embrace change,” said Magna President Marylou Ngo-Ang in an interview during the opening day of PhilConstruct Visayas at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.



Magna is a leading supplier of innovative interior construction materials in the Philippines. It started as a trading company importing raw materials and components. However, the company decided to offer fit-out services and manufacture various products.


The company provides high-quality pre-finished products that offer solutions for building interiors like ceilings, floor finishes, and components of cabinetry and tables. The company has acquired state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and uses environmentally compliant and user-friendly raw materials so it now has the opportunity to tap the international market.


The company makes boards using raw materials like polymer fiber, natural stone veneer laminate, and cellular polycarbonate. It also carries fabric crafted from natural and synthetic fibers, lighting solutions, interior décor, and interior and exterior paints.


With the advent of social media, Magna taps online selling platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Reels to market their products here and abroad. The company has even received inquiries from abroad, Ms. Ngo-Ang said.

Domestically, Magna requirements of the residential and hospitality sectors, she said. Another market is the renovation of existing homes to meet the needs of growing families.


Magna ensures quality products since buyers have become very smart and knowledgeable, and their preferences are now driven by value.


Magna has a booth at the PhilConstruct Visayas that showcases the company’s various products.

PhilConstruct Visayas features various technology products and services that help improve productivity and quality in the construction sector, Chairman Kevin Sean Lim said in an interview.


“This is where we help bridge the gap between the technology and the problems in construction,” Mr. Lim said. “That’s why we want to invite everyone to visit PhilConstruct so they will see the new technology in construction.”


With the construction sector facing increased prices in some construction materials, technology could also help reduce labor costs while improving the quality. “In the industry, we always try to find the best solution to deliver the best compromise and price to our clients.”



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PhilConstruct Visayas is organized by the Philippine Constructors Association and the Cebu Contractors Association. It features globally competitive technological breakthroughs and new advancements, the latest in design and building materials, and knowledge sharing and skills development. There are around 200 participants in the ongoing trade exhibit from June 20 to 2022.

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