RP’s leading architects, designers laud Magna CMGN products


Top architects and an interior designer praised the products of Magna CMGN Solutions, saying these are unique and interesting.

Magna CMGN had invited the country’s leading architects to visit the company booth at the PhilConstruct Visayas 2024 being held at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino from June 20-22.

“The products of Magna are interesting because they’re very bespoke (custom-made) and unique. So, you do not get the same items everywhere and that’s what makes it different, said Cathy Saldaňa, President and Chief Executive Officer of leading architectural firm PDP+.

Arch. Saldaňa also considered Magna’s capability to customize and provide different textures for different needs as an advantage.


Arch. Cathy Saldaňa, President and Chief Executive Officer of leading architectural firm PDP+

She also noted that the company can cater to small and large volume orders. “So, I like the products because a lot of them are excellent, functional, and accent pieces for our designs.”

Arch. Saldaňa also cited the sustainability of Magna products. “It doesn’t emit chemicals after use. Even the adhesives they use do not emit very strong odors and toxic chemicals. And I like the fact that they’re very conscious of that. So, it provides for interior comfort.”

Arch. Conrado Onglao, Principal Architect of C.T. Onglao Architects, also lauded Magna products.

“You know, I’m quite impressed and I’m always looking for new products. As an architect or interior designer, you’re always looking for something new. I think that becomes your design edge if you can come up with a new product. This certainly is very encouraging for us that there are new products that we can use,” Arch. Onglao said.


Arch. Conrado Onglao, Principal Architect of C.T. Onglao Architects

He was impressed by one of the Noriboards. “Ako gusto po ito kasi it represents the Filipino. And you can use it in a more contemporary context. And as an architect, I like the plastering application,” Arch. Onglao explained, adding that this type of finishing material gives some options.

“They’re very unique. I haven’t seen them in the local market until today, said Lara Fernandez Barrios, Founding Architect and Design Principal of Larawan Ink. “They’re very nice and high quality so we can use them in our future projects.”

She noted that the wallpaper, paneling, and paint products are ‘definitely perfect.’


Lara Fernandez Barrios, Founding Architect and Design Principal of Larawan Ink

“Now that I know there’s access to these newer materials, it’s inspiring. I’m getting excited looking at all the materials because they’re open to a lot more possibilities in executing our design ideas,” Arch. Barrios said. “It will help us to have more interesting interiors. Yeah, I think so. Because now it opens up more possibilities for our creativity.”

IDr Rossy Anne Rojales of design firm Hurray, also lauded Magna products. “For me, these are the kind of products that (showcase) the identity of Filipino craftsmanship, seeing the detail, the material (is) something that you can’t see elsewhere. These are the details that you don’t really see in Manila. It has so much potential. I’m most excited to use it because there are so many options,” she pointed out.

Idr Rojales emphasized the importance of getting the right suppliers.


IDr Rossy Anne Rojales of design firm Hurray

(Having) the right suppliers with the right products is a recipe or an ingredient to a successful project. That’s how we were trained as interior designers. The more materiality and products that we see, the more we get inspiration and it completes the story, the design story of the project,” she explained.

Magna President Mary Lou Ngo-Ang credited the Cebuano ingenuity for the company’s ability to come up with unique products. “That’s the training that we have. To put ingenuity and the add value because I want to give quality (products). We should not stop looking for solutions.”


Ms. Ngo-Ang explained that the company continues to innovate. “How can I bring the process faster? So that’s the mindset. When I look at a thing, I always look at how am I going to use this?”


The company’s strength lies in its ability to work with architects and designers, making their design a reality, and then provide installation services to ensure quality of work.

Ms. Ngo-Ang explained that they work with architects and designers because they have the design vision. “If you have a three-in-one product, you will be appreciated. And when they appreciate you, they go to you for solutions.”



Magna is a leading supplier of innovative interior construction materials in the Philippines. It started as a trading company importing raw materials and components. However, the company decided to offer fit-out services and manufacture various products.

The company provides high-quality pre-finished products that offer solutions for building interiors like ceilings, floor finishes, and components of cabinetry and tables. The company has acquired state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and uses environmentally compliant and user-friendly raw materials so it now has the opportunity to tap the international market.


The company makes boards using raw materials like polymer fiber, natural stone veneer laminate, and cellular polycarbonate. It also carries fabric crafted from natural and synthetic fibers, lighting solutions, interior décor, and interior and exterior paints.