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Talisay Market Hub was created to promote goods and help merchants in the city of Talisay, Cebu reach their intended market within Talisay. All sellers are welcome to post their products and invite friends who might be looking for one item or another. Product promotions are not just limited to food. The group welcomes sellers with various items that can be useful in the home and daily living.

Some guidelines —


Please include a proper description of your items including price, quantity and packaging. Also indicate if you are able to deliver, and if the coat of delivery is part of the item price or if it is an added cost.

We encourage everyone to post aesthetically pleasing pictures of your products.

Please ensure that the products you are selling are on-hand and ready for distribution. Do not post products from other sellers that you have no knowledge of production time or availability of items. We highly discourage re-sellers who add mark-ups to the existing price of goods.

Do not flood the timeline. We will be monitoring posts in the group. Merchants are allowed only 3 posts per week. Do not post the same information every day as it minimizes the chance of other sellers to be noticed on the group timeline.

Lastly, please inform us of instances of bogus buyers and joy reserves. give us the details in a private message and we will block them from the group.


You can contact sellers privately or by commenting on their posts. We also encourage you to give feedback and share about good items and sellers. Please give only positive feedbacks. If you experience any untoward incident with a seller, feel free to message us and we will act accordingly. If you are going to criticize an item or seller publicly, do it constructively. We do not tolerate underhanded and destructive comments.

Note that the sellers will respond to you at their own pace. Some delays in response may be caused by the unavailability of goods and other factors known only to the sellers. We cannot control how and when sellers respond.

Talisay Market Hub is here to help bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in Talisay City. We advocate a fair and healthy trade but we have no control of the agreements between buyers and sellers. If you experience bad seller practices, do let us know immediately and we will take the necessary action regarding your complaint.

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